Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thought it was time I show you the babies, the youngest of my laundry producers! Here is BigBoy and VolleyGirl on Christmas day. I'm fairly certain they would be mortified if they knew I put it up. It is one of the constants that I am able to do, embarrass them, it is a powerful and lethal weapon in the arsenal of a mother of teens! What can I say? These two have been an amazing part of my life and though I complain of bleeding dirty socks, I wouldn't trade it all in for anything!
Speaking of laundry, it is all fitting, yet humbling that I may have a substantial request for artwork to decorate two laundrymats. I don't think I spelled that correctly, isn't it laundramat, why a "mat" anyhow, why not laundry store or better yet, "Club Laundry", "Whirl-Away", "Clean Clothes Club"? You get the idea, laundramat is a door"mat"........"Dish-N-Swish": A place to clean your dirty laundry and air out everyone else's! I digress, a request for 10 to 15 paintings? That will surely put me through the ringer! Sooooo, been doing a little research online today, coming up with an interesting plan. First, I need to paint a couple to peddle to some other establishments.....very quickly. I will be painting tonight and probably will post my progress tomorrow.

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  1. Laundry!!! ARG.
    We have tons now that I'm trying to wash the sick out of the house...