Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Progress!

It has been a family day today, offspring doing homework, buying makeup at the drugstore, going to a computer store going out of business, going to Michael's to get art supplies for BigBoy (he's majoring in art :), supplies for VolleyGirl to do a project for school, Walmart with SuperSpouse, other words, alot of running around. I DID get photos of my artwork, get sheets to put them in and a folder for them! I hope to get 8 x 10's made early next week and SuperSpouse said he would set up a website for me, wether I can set it up, is a totally different story. We are going to in-laws tomorrow to celebrate father-in-law's birthday and I am making my somewhat famous filled cupcakes, decorated for Valentine's Day and potatoe salad (requested). Thought I would get cupcakes done tonight or at least the buttercream frosting......uh, uh. Now I am too tired, though I may paint while offspring are studying. Want to puke over hearing the results of today's primaries right now.......................................

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