Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Day in Paradise!

Yea! Painted last night, changed the background to a very pale yellow and that's what I'm sticking with. Would post a photo but last night took two of the batteries from the camera to put in bedroom remote. Preparing for the volleyball tournament tomorrow. Hopefully we will be there a long time since the more you win, the longer you stay. Since the Superbowl is Sunday and volleygirl's science project is due Monday, I am finishing up all the wash, cleaning bathrooms (my passion, argh) and last minute errands. Included in those is a quick trip to Tuesday Morning to hopefully pick up an Ott lamp that was in the sale flyer.This lamp will provide daylight like light and I need that soooooo badly for my painting. Heck, outdoors my Picassos could be hurling ugly. Regularly it is 129.99 and they have it for 49.99 and in the flyer is a 5.00 coupon! Oh yeah, dreams can come true if you click your heels hard enough, hold your breath and read sale flyers! If they don't have one, I will be most certainly bummed..........Alas! Yesterday, a good source informed me that our local Starbucks manager is looking for original artwork to display for sell. I am so in that drive-thru today, ordering something and securing a deal! Hmmmm, must I go with Venti to impress, or just Grande to not seem to eager. Do I choose something that allows me to appear artsy and aloof or just go for the commonfolk choice of say....mocha frap...or a plain latte.........uh, yeah, the usual, don't even know what an aloof drink is after pondering that thought for a moment. Now, to just paint 2 to 3 more masterpieces next week..............I rarely include buildings, lights or any "manmade" object in my sky shots but this one does not bother me so muc and not much choice, that was the view towards the west to get the color. His majesty, the royal "hineness" is making zzzzzzzzzzzzz's on the couch, I, the head jester must awaken him for a royal wee and lure him back into his magical crate in order to continue today's duties. Till we meet again.

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  1. So... will you be on display at Starcrack? That would be SO cool!