Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

It is so cold today! It has been back and forth, warm and cold all winter, does a sinus good...not. Looks like other places are having record snow and crazy cold below 0 temps. Oh yeah, such global warming, such bull crap. Just a way for some igmos to make a dollar, especially big Al, he has really racked up. Looking back into history supports the belief of cycles in the weather, hurricanes, years of hot seasons and of freezing seasons. I have great doubt that man's little century and a half of industry has created it all.....we give ourselves waaaay too much importance! We are merely a drop in the universe and in the life of the earth. History proves it. My opinion, of course, but I am not alone in it and many scientists concur. Why does the majority of opinions fall on the line of liberal and conservative, huh, have a theory, but don't worry, I wouldn't bore you with it.....wouldn't want to run any readers off.....that is if there are any! Hmmmmmm, would be a surefire test to see if anyone reads, treading on the frey of the political borders I mean....oops.....accidentally hit an issue! That may bring true colors to life, at least the colors of red and blue.

My Valentine's booty...(sorry) lying in wait to spring early tomorrow. I fear that I lacked somewhat in creativity but I do think SuperSpouse will like his bag of goodies! He is a man of simple pleasures, so that is what will be provided. VolleyGirl will be pleased I'm pretty certain too. Hopefully, the stars will line up above the postal service so that BigBoy will receive his parent package of love tomorrow! His Majesty, however, will not be presented with any, strict diet for the king! Straight from my heart to yours, I wish each of you a sweet day tomorrow.

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