Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work Cut Out For Me

This guy doesn't portray his true colors. The paper is pretty white with a very light blue background and he's pretty white.
These look better in "live" also. I could just say that so you would think they look better than they do, but they really do! You have seen the chocolate iced before but I added the paper. These are all in graphite and colored pencils. Yikes! I have to have things ready for the coffee shop display for the month of November! Almost completed another drawing tonight so I will post it in a day or two. Will try to get around to y'all's sites tomorrow................ :)


  1. Wow what wonderful works you have been creating.
    Sounds like work when you have to have it finished so soon! :)
    Hope you will still enjoy creating!

    Have a nice weekend

  2. what a lotta fun, but i guess that xmas time is more work for you again, specially in the kitchen.

  3. Well, aren't you getting into the winter mood? I love your snowman just the way he looks on my computer. And who could resist doughnuts and cake! I'll have both.
    I love you skywatch photo. This new phone of yours takes great shots.
    Glad you can find a few moments to sketch.

  4. I LOVE your snowman!! and the donuts look yummy. Xmas really isn;t that far away. hmmm

  5. OK these are terrific. I so want to bite into that iced donut. lol
    Very good work here. How will you show them? Will you frame them?