Wednesday, October 21, 2009


REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! Next step is to win the sub-state match tomorrow night...then it's on to the state tournament! VG is on second row, right end, #10. Were there from 8:30 to 7. They are soooo excited!
Sketched this flower as I was waiting at Starbucks as VG practiced Monday. Ink and colored pencil.
VG liked the other one so much she actually put it on her phone but wished that it was in color and wanted a bird so here is the result. Ink and colored pens.


  1. I can see why VG liked the second one best. It looks like an elegant portrayal of blood, sweat and tears which I am sure the entire team expressed to win the Regional. Yipee and congrats. I like the flower too.

  2. Well congrats to the team.
    I love your flower and your Zen.. isnt it nice when your kids love your work?? What a compliment to put it on her phone.

  3. Ooooo, I do like the second one, too! You are so good with these.
    Congrats to the VB team. I hope you get to go to state. I remember when our school's basketball team went to state my junior year. So exciting.

  4. Wow, love love it! Zentangles with pencils...
    Congrats! The fun years!!! Then you get old and wish you didn't do all those sports when you were young! hehe

  5. Lovely artwork!
    And what an exiting time that must have been. Congrats for your daughter. Sad she is confronted with how life is with ups and downs.......They are at an age you can't protect them anymore from the truth.
    Hope she will let the happy feeling prevail.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Congrats to VG's team! Woo Hoo!