Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finished Painting

Here is the finished painting that was raffled off last Thursday night. I am not overly pleased with it but it is done.
We were in Mobile this past weekend for a volleyball tournament. Just today does it begin to feel like I am recovering from it. Sadly, four of the girls on the team are home sick now. Hopefully they will recover quickly. They only have school through Wednesday of this week and are out Thursday, Friday and Monday for fall break. The volleyball area tournament, which is the first step to going to the state tournament, is next Monday. BigBoy will be home tomorrow afternoon but he and his dad are going on a little trip.
It just hit me that I must get some work ready to display next month in the coffee shop. Guess I need to go fold some clothes and work on the 'maytagarama' in progress then on to either colored pencil drawings or some zentangles. Read a couple of your posts last night but have a lot of catching up to do.........


  1. I like this painting very much. Am very impressed with the clouds in the sky especially. I'd say the winner of the raffle was a very lucky person indeed.

    As for life in general you are busy busy. look forward to seeing the art you hang in the coffee shop.

  2. The painting is very nice. I am sure the recepient was delighted to receive it.

  3. Lucky winner of this painting. Turned out good. Did you see who won it? Would have been fun to see.
    Sounds like you get things done better under stress. or your always under stress so you get things done. lol

  4. serene and peaceful, unlike my paintings... tee hee, i am also getting behind on my comments and visits. school is argh!

  5. Lucky Winner!!!

    The painting is SUPERB!!! Especially the clouds...they look so real. Everything in it is so beautiful...

    Have a great day!

  6. I'm very happy with this painting. It's lovely.

  7. WOW This turned out very lovely but I think the unfinished one is great also!
    Take care and don't overwork yourself.

    Have a nice day!

  8. I likethis painting, it verges on the surreal and has quite a charm. I'm sure the recipient will love it. have fun at all your games and busy times