Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Late, Late Edition

This weekend has been full of riding in the back of the car with the family to pick up some pizza!
I must to confess to watching some of the football games with dad, my best buddy and mom yesterday. Victory is sooooo sweet!
Not really into the 'in your lap, on my back' thing but he always does it. Not a very royal treatment, I must say.
Tiring, it is. This morning, best buddy gave me a bath since he is leaving again. I don't even want to think about it, just bury my head and maybe it will not be so! Mom's been in the kitchen all morning baking buttermilk biscuits, banana bread and now a shrimp, sausage and corn boil.....those smells just put my poor nose in overdrive! Hey friends...get noseying around your family, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Tonka, Dizzy, Friday, Penney Snickers and Lilah!


  1. What a fun weekend for you. Sorry your best bud is going away again so soon. but he will be back.
    Annie had a busy saturday with company of a fellow blogger who Annie bonded with right away. She thinks company comes to just visit her. lol

  2. It doesn't have to be thursday to enjoy a visit from the Royal One.

  3. looks like a restful time for one and all.

  4. dear apollo,
    i had such a good giggle seeing you on your own special chair watching telly. you are so spoilt (just like me, we have those humans wrapped round our littl fingers! umm little paws). my mama is just too busy and too 'blue' to write about me these days ...sigh, so am sending you lotsa barks.
    ps don't be too sad, bb will be bnack sooner than you know.

  5. Woof, woof! Glad you're having a good weekend, Apollo. See ya next week.