Friday, October 16, 2009

Dogs On Thursday

Peek a boo! Yum, I know what you are getting mom! How I love to smell and watch through the crack at the door as she scoops the food in my bowl.
Only got a minute this week.....getting a bit tired of the camera in my face all the time. Fame can be tiring, don't you know!
Got all my friends on my mind, hoping that they are enjoying the cooler weather that has finally come here....really makes me spunky. Enjoy your weekend Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Tonka, Dizzy, Friday, Lilah, Penney and Snickers!


  1. Yes, fame is tough! Just soak it up and enjoy. Maybe you could leave me a footprint as an autograph sometime.

  2. I have heard that fame can be quite wearing. You seem to handle it well.

  3. Sorry but you're to cute not to be on camera and famous. :))