Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keeping It All In Perspective

I love capturing these types of photos with my trusty cellphone camera.

Some of them I took just this last week.
Some were awhile back.
I know eventually I will get around to a painting that is similar to one of these.


  1. keep your eyes on the road!!!!!!!


    Looking forward to the paintings!

  2. I like the tunnel and the long road ahead. Reminds me of our travels by car to distant places.

  3. I always see something from the car that I wish I could replicate in some way. Nice images.

  4. Love the second picture of the field with rows. Looks lush. Would make a great painting.

  5. I am waaay behind on my blog-reading.
    I'm guessing you are a 'Bama Bulldog, from your comment on my post. It would have been fun to meet up while we were down south.
    I'm amazed at the quality of the photos you get from your cell phone. I've never tried taking photos with mine or downloading into my computer. I should try it and see what I get.
    Your painting looks wonderful. I'm glad you find a little time to squeak out some art.