Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Special Edition of Dogs On Thursday

Where do I begin? Sunday, I wasn't feeling so great and wow, my face felt bloated. (BTW, what's bloated mean?) Itch, itch, itch! Thank goodness for that rug to scruff my face on! Thirsty, sooooo thirsty! Mom thinks my fur looks funny, bumpy. Uh, oh......hives!!! Move into action, call the emergency vet that is open on Sundays, grab a couple of water bottles and off we go! Mom was with me in the back seat giving me water and catching my hair. Dad, um, was not really happy and said something ugly to the car in front. Some of the same words that I heard at the end of the Alabama/Tennessee football game the day before when his team almost lost. Oh, I digress....we arrive and I did my best not to go in that door but dad just picked me up. Wow, maybe put on a couple of pounds since I tipped the scales at 71 lbs! Shot of steroids and some pills for the next couple of days and I will be fine. Who knows, it is suspected that a wasp found me....get this.....in my castle! Believe me, some subjects are going to hear about this! Dad found a couple of wasps making their way into the fireplace. Whew, still not totally back to myself, that darn medicine they keep slipping in my food but- I'm good enough to go on my first overnight roadtrip!!!!!! Excitement is bursting out all over me but does not require treatment! Mom, dad and I will be heading south for VolleyGirl's first game in the state tournament which is at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday. Dad booked me a nice, canine king friendly place to stay but get this.....I also get to go visit my best buddy at school!!!!! I will stay with him some so not to be left alone at the Inn. Yippee! Finally, the total treatment that I deserve. Being of such royalty and stature, myself, that is, dad has NEVER, and will NOT leave me with anyone or at any facility, hence the phrase, "the world revolves around me." Dad requested a special zip bag from mom to start packing my things and now I have my very own piece of luggage, it says "Lucky You" on it. Isn't that just perfect? Yes, the planets are finally in total alignment now. Mom said that this is really going to be an experience! Go VolleyGirl! Slam that ball!


  1. You are a spoiled little man. Lucky you. I hope your allergy doesn't rear its ugly head while you are away. Have fun. Go VG.

  2. aaaaw poor guy, sending you big fat shlobbery kisses for that nasty ole itch. now you be a good boy and tell us all about your trip when you get back. i am so glad they aren't leaving you behind.xxx

  3. Wow, what a week you're having! I'm so glad you are well enough to travel. That will be sooo much fun for you. Be sure to ring for room service, and don't forget to tip the waiter. I hear they like lots of slobber. May your royal presence be the lucky charm VG need to win her game.

  4. Oh boy..You are as spoilt as our Annie is. She has not and will not be left in some strange place. She goes everywhere we go. Nothing but the best for our "Kids" :))
    I hope those allergies are gone now. Have fun on your trip.

  5. I honestly believe that if I were in your neighborhood you'd totally trust me with Apollo and you'd leave him feeling secure.
    You guys are the type of clients I've had for years!! And guess what, I'm worse than anyone when it comes to leaving my kids!

    I'm glad it was an allergic reaction. Steroids have their place ;)

    yay Apollo...GO VG!!!

  6. Oh you poor Apollo!!!!!
    Hope the medicine will work wonders soon!
    Enjoy your trip and your royal treatment!