Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins - Uncut!

This is on 9x12 paper with pencil and colored pencils. I have a Christmas one almost finished, just lack the background. BigBoy thinks I should add background to this one....I may do that but it would probably just be some color, no scene. Found out yesterday VG's team is leaving tomorrow after school and we are doing "Elite 8 Goody Bags" for them so I am trying to think of something to contribute. They have their last practice here today but will have a bit of one Wednesday I think hours before their match. I sure would love to see them win at least the first match which would put them in the top four I think. Oh well, lots to do. Got to a few sites today but I haven't even showered and I probably should go to Michael's. My plans are to frame everything that I am displaying at the coffee house, don't know what else I could do. I hope to get one more painting on canvas done and I wouldn't have to frame it but I have a little stock of frames here both for canvas and paper cause I always look for bargains and sales. I really should have pulled them out and planned my work around frames I already have but that would have made too much sense!!!!


  1. this is spectacular, and i am sooo excited that apollo gets to go on the next trip with you, is it for the day only? what will he do while she is playing? oh how funny, taking your bully with you...

  2. Terrific drawing of the pumpkins. Love the colors lines shadings all of it. Back ground? Maybe just color lighter than the foreground?

  3. Good drawing of the pumpkins. All this talk about VG going to state brings back memories of when my daughter did this. It was great fun. They didn't win but it was fun while it lasted.

  4. Very good. I like as is. or you could add a tad color in shadow on the table or ground they sit on.
    I am trying to figure out where Soul saw that Apolo was going with you. Did I miss something? Are you going to this game? Doing that and all this art for a show. Amazing.

  5. Aww, cute pumpkins. I think it needs something behind them, too. Not sure what.
    I've got my fingers crossed for VG.

  6. hi nice blog....loved these pumpkins
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  7. HI!
    You are busy as usual- Man, I go away for a bit, only to find that you are prepping for that coffee shop (not your first time though, right?)producing wonderful art, etc., etc.
    I was sorry to read about your daughter's experience with the loss of her friend's dad. It is a shame when one passes and leaves children so young.
    I hope that nasty virus/bug hasn't hit!
    Take care-

  8. I love these pumpkins!! They have a sort of "old world" look. Great job, AU!