Friday, October 30, 2009

Tournament News

Part of my art this week was decorating frames as my donation to the "Elite 8" goody bags the parents prepared for VolleyGirl's team. The team left Tuesday after school. I had asked the mom that takes hundreds of photos at each match if she was giving a photo to the girls. My plan was to get my supplies early Tuesday to hot glue and write on the frames. My biggest concern was finding appropriate frames at a decent price since I had to have 13. I did not get an answer until Tuesday morning but I found frames at Dollar Tree, only 11 white ones so I picked black ones for the 2 seniors. Headed to Michael's for flowers, stones and little bows. Feeling I wouldn't have enough to get ready by 3:00 (sarcasm), I decided to go to Party City and purchase black, green, white and hot pink M&Ms plus bags for them. I arrived home at 1:40 grabbed some items in the kitchen and headed up to the rec room to prepare 13 bags of candy and 13 frames....oh yeah.....I can do it!!!!!!!! Plugged in the glue gun then prepared my candy bags, writing on each bag: "From Mother Falcon - Elite 8 Vitamins". A whole other story of my being dubbed "Mother Falcon"....comment if you are interested in hearing it! Next I laid the frames out and went to work!
Here is the white finished frame. The green flowers were two layers topped with a stone, all seperately glued. Then the hot pink bow with a pearl in the center. I wrote with a hot pink pen, the green was too blue and the black wanted to look purple. The school colors are green and black but the tee shirts the seniors picked out this year have hot pink on them and let's get real.....the ladies have to have some pink!!! That is the reason behind the hot pink candies in the mix. Here is a snapshot of the team on the court (VG is #10) with the awesome students courtside cheering them on! There were five busloads of students that came to the match in the afternoon, the largest crowd of students there! They won the first match but it was a battle, went to five games, very emotionally draining..........for me! That win put them in the top 4!!!!! There next match was against the number one team and unfortunately we lost but the girls received a medal and being in the top four isn't too shabby! VG and the team had a terrific time with the whole experience. That ends the school volleyball for this year. Can you believe it? The first club tryout is this Saturday. They really won't start practicing until January and only 2 or 3 times a week. VG will have time to let her foot heal! Go here to view some of the action:


  1. Wow, the top 4! That is good. Congrats. I am glad, however, that she (and you) gets some time off to recover before the next round starts. You two have worked really hard this year. Take it easy now and enjoy the holidays.
    Love your cute photo frames.

  2. Way to go VG Mom. Or should we address you as Falcon mom. tee hee... I can't imagine that story. The frames are great. I am glad this was a positive experience for you all.

  3. You dont do things by halves do you??? lol Great job on the frames tho. congrats on VG win too. Now relax you are wearing me out. LOL

  4. Congrats!
    I almost miss the days of prepping things for the kids on the teams- we've had soccer, basketball and hockey teams to contend with- all of them great fun to plan goodies around.
    Enjoy the break however.
    How sweet the frames are. I'll bet they loved them!