Friday, October 2, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Bathing Beauty

Just heard that my best buddy will be home later this afternoon and he and I will be running this place pretty much this weekend!!!! This is a pencil sketch he did of me recently.
Lately, the sun shining through the front window has beckoned me. I hate it when mom points that thing at me so I must turn my head. It seems to irritate her so!!!! That feels so good on my 'royal hiney'!
Can you believe I could become any 'hotter'?!? Not surprising that I cast quite the shadow.
Sweeeeet!!!! Position here allows me to breath in the fresh air from that vent whilst sunning and snoozing. (Photo has been cropped to protect the innocent) All my friends out there in blogland, breathe in the fresh air and have a great week, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Tonka, Dizzy, Friday, Penney and Snickers !


  1. Way to soak up that sunshine big guy. CAn't wait to see a picture your mom does of you.

  2. ROFLOL hey there big guy, snuffs also hates that thing pointing in her face. at the moment her mama is so busy at school, she has no time for doggie thursday posts, so be patient. i bet you won't have much time to sleep this know you can always show me photos of you any day of the week,( with all the parts included). love ya

  3. I took photos of Henry V in the sun coming in our window this morning too. Our lazy animals!

    Great drawing btw.

  4. You're funny! I thought that was a cropped photo! Could you be any more spoiled, I wonder?

    I want to come back as someone's pet when I die. Looks like you have a pretty good life there, Apollo, maybe I'll be you.

  5. That is a wonderul sketh of you.
    I see you love the sunshine as much as I do.

  6. Too cute for words. Picture says it all. :))