Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Far...

Here is what I have completed so far on my 8x10 acrylic painting for the raffle drawing tomorrow night. I will be finishing it tonight. Got wrangled into helping with getting gifts for the Seniors on the team. The last home game is Thursday night so I spent part of the day doing that. I am probably not driving to the tournament until Friday afternoon with another mom. VG and the team will be going after the game tomorrow night...I don't really like that but that's the way it is. I must pack her things tomorrow since she has no time, practice right after school then straight to a meeting at school and now doing homework. Still hoping to catch up with you all...I post so you don't forget me....hahaha. Hopefully that rotten canine king will post for me tomorrow.


  1. Thats going to be one Lucky winner of that Raffle. This is looking fab..
    How you are painting and getting all that other stuff done is beyond me. Hope you get it all done.

  2. I agree with Cris...its already looking fab!

    I am happy to be back with you all:)

  3. I want to lie on those soft, rolling hills! This is beautiful.

    How's VG's foot? I hope her team does well!

    And no, we won't forget you ;)

  4. What a beautiful peaceful painting!
    So different that what your life is at the moment (soooo busy ;))
    take care and try to enjoy the things crossing your path!