Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Whole Lot of Not Much - But Alot!

I STILL did not have time for any art yesterday, just doodling while on the phone with BigBoy last night - very late! Obviously, the food is still on my mind. VolleyGirl has a tournament this Saturday, but it is local thank goodness, but will still be long. There is more food I must prepare turkey sandwiches Saturday morning before we go. Sadly, I have just learned my next door neighbor's mother has passed away just over an hour ago at age 92. I should have something in mind to prepare to take over for them as well.
The always generous Soulbrush honored me and many others with this award yesterday. Thank you so much Mrs. Brush, you are too kind!!!!

I also received yet another gift in the mail from a blog friend which I plan to post in the next day or two! Apollo is sleeping on what he will carry on about tomorrow. BigBoy comes home tomorrow afternoon for Easter and VolleyGirl gets out at 1:00 tomorrow to begin a break that continues through Monday! I need to get myself busy, groceries, cleaning, always washing....but I should get to work on art when BB comes home since he takes over the royal duties!

Blessings to you all during this Holy Week.


  1. Well Cooking is an Art. Well not MY cooking but Cooking can be an Art. :)) Doodling on the phone that that good is very much ART. Now my doodling while on phone usually IS A whole lot of not much. :))Right now nothing sounds good to eat much less cook or draw it. Sorry to hear about your neighbors Mom. 92 is a nice long life. My mom only made it to 68.

  2. Cooking is indeed an art, but the talent for it has passed me by. I have already been known to be painting while trying to cook, but dipping my brush in the wine just does nothing for the wine.

  3. good luck to you, I've never been interested or any good at desserts..If it was me, they'd end up with...greek yogurt with walnuts and Cretan honey or ice cream.
    Take care

  4. ha ha i know one big fella who can't wait till the other big fella gets home...ha ha tumbling all over the carpet and then both coming to the kitchen for food. that's boys for you. your home sounds so happy. smoochies for the king please.

  5. Blessings to you too. Try to slow down and enjoy the weekend.

  6. Lookie Lookie AU what I found for you.
    I thought you might like to see this girl. Enjoy!

  7. Looks like you had dessert on the brain while you were talking. You'll probably love my later offerings in this week's "Edible" theme then. I've got some wicked confections on deck waiting their turn at the plate (get it? plate? nevermind.)

  8. Love the doodle...made me hungry!! LOL!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter!!!