Saturday, April 11, 2009

What the Hail ! My Latest Gift !

Storms came through again yesterday but this time they dropped hail on us larger than golf ball size. We had went out for a quick lunch and had ran into Target. I could hear it as I shopped, the rest of the family watched it outside. It came through where we lived before it came over the shopping center. This was the hail probably 45 minutes after it had hit our home.
It was still pretty large after that long. What is horrible is that we always pull our van in the garage if a bad storm is coming and after all those times with no hail........this time we were caught off guard and it was left out. It was bigger than golf ball size when it came down, some areas had baseball size! Yes, we have very visible dents in our lovely van, have already called our insurance company. I will post photos of it in the next couple of days, a shadow was on it by the time I was taking photos and you couldn't see them well. Probably a dozen at the least.
I received this beautiful print from an original acrylic painting by Artist Victoria O'Neill simply for leaving her a comment!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, my luck has been improving lately! Sorry, the photo isn't super clear....been up all day baking and am posting this Friday night. Thank you so very much Victoria!
Happy Easter !!!!!! Love and Blessings to All !


  1. A few days, U.A.E confronted with hail too...people were very eager to see it. It was at night & at first people thought it's earthquake. It was about the size that you have showed in the pic. Now I wonder,next where is it going to hail...
    Sad abt the van. There were so many claims here too (my husband is in the Insurance section, thts how I came to knw of it)

  2. oh my that hail was huge! so sorry it got your van. thank goodness for insurance, right?

    have a wonderful easter weekend, christine!!!

  3. Love and blessings to you too, AU - I hope you avoid more hailstorms - That is just incredible. I have never seen the like.

    Thank you for your lovely comments over at my place, and having just got caught up with yours, I am now more than happy - I look like your very well-satisfied animals now!

    Your son has inherited your artistic skills, has he not, and your daughter is filled with the same light and energy that you are, AU - So beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of happiness and some me-space for art and creativity, and maybe some healthy food too! I love your pictures of the things that neither of us ought to be eating! The zentangle is just so arty-cool - I know I just made that word up... ;) Take care, much love x

  4. Oh wow what a bummer. I dont care how much I prepare for something I still get caught off guard. I hope it isnt much of a hassel to get the van fixed. Nice painting you got too. Hope you get everything cooked and on time. :)

  5. Everyone is having the craziest weather!! At least no one got bonked on the head :P

    Easter blessings to you as well.

  6. oh no, i have only seen them this size in south africa before, and they broke car wibdows. have a hppy (hail free) easter sunday, and there's a new award for you on my blog.

  7. Love your title! I'm still laughing. But oh, my, what a pain in the patootie, that hail. Like I said the other day, if it's not one thing it's another. Whatcha gonna do?
    Have a nice Easter, yourself. Eat a piece of dessert for me.

  8. cannot believe how big that hail was......maybe you could paint all the dents in the van, and have a polka dot ride.

  9. What a beautiful painting. You are a lucky lady. I am glad the storm didn't do major damage. I hope you had a Happy Easter.

  10. Hi Teresa: Bummer about your van! I've seen several cars that looked like someone took a hammer to the roof - hope your insurance comes thru. Call it morbid curiosity? - I'm lookung forward to seeing the pics :-}