Monday, April 27, 2009

Perfect Timing

Thank you soooooooo very much LoLo for this compassionate and awesome award. Your artwork is impeccable and the warmth behind the award could melt chocolate! I am very touched that you have bestowed it upon me. This award goes to fellow bloggers who visit frequently and raise my spirits with their kind words of encouragement, their beautiful images and their wonderful outlook on life. They make blogging a positive experience and continue to make my life richer. I would like to pass it along to A Woman of No Importance, A Year of Art, Artist Victoria O'Neill, Hot Wheels Hacienda and back to Deepazartz as well!

I have not posted in a few days and have not left many comments. The day I checked some sites and noticed this award I had decided on a post I would make that I had been debating for a couple of days. Upon seeing the award I thought it was my sign to not post, so I didn't. Not meaning to sound mysterious, for the most part it is simply feeling overwhelmed and somewhat helpless. I have been feeling worse and more tired lately. Last week, I sat down with all my tools and a clean slate and couldn't come up with ANYTHING to draw! Tell me, what does someone post when your mind is like a blank canvas with not even a good coating of gesso on it? I have now started on something that you will see when it is complete. Easter Sunday I decided that I would do another 'empty tomb' drawing to give to my pastor. He shared that his mother said it was her favorite day of the year. She passed away early yesterday morning, always hard to lose your mother. I did bump into a friend at the grocery store that is always uplifting and supportive and we have made some plans. Once again, it was good timing! Now forgive my abrupt absence, I will try to begin catching up with your sites!


  1. Hello AU:

    Congrats on your bloggy award and sympathies for not feeling well and feeling uninspired! Hope you soon get your spring in your step back!

    On the "what to draw" thing... I've read other artists who say when they're stumped for inspiration they begin a series of things.... like a series of flower paintings, a series of shell paintings, a series of door paintings... or whatever you'd like. They say not having to think about a subject frees them up to paint and the inspiration is soon flowing again! Hope this helps.

  2. thank you so much for the award! it's hard to find the time to do these award things....but i will try. it is my favorite award so far tho!

  3. i am not at all surprised; you run yourself ragged for your family, and your health is fragile too. now you rest and forget us for a while, just think of yourself and rest, it will all come to you when it is meant to.

  4. Heyyyyyyyy...Thanks!!!!

    Isn't it a lovely award??? Very nice of Lolo to have set up an Award.

    Even I have passed on this award to you:)

  5. What do I blog when I don't know what to blog? Sometimes I take a break (but I agee that is seldom)...a flower I photographed, my cat, something I am playing around with in fabric??? There is always something, my messy design table? A quote that moved me?

    Congrats on the award, I love it too.

  6. I too was given this award. Its such a lovely one. I am feeling like you lately. Just kind of overwhelmed. It's a long process to get something on my blog that I find I am spending to much time doing that and not enjoying the birds singing. I think it's because my Neighbor, Fair, who put on that wonderful Tea last Saturday I posted about and who is such a inspiring uplifting person, is in the hospital. She got very sick yesterday. She must have over done it doing the Tea Party. I can't get to many answers. I so hope she is ok. So take the time if you feel you need it.

  7. Ahh thanks AU.
    One of the biggest gifts is to know that someone has been lifted by your words. I am glad that I can be a part of your blogger world:)
    Thanks again,

  8. I am frequently a "blank canvas". I guess I look outside for inspiration. Sorry you are having the blues. I hope they pass soon. I can completely see why you feel drained. You hardly have any "you" time.
    And so sorry about your pastor's mother.
    Take some time to revitalize and come back fresh. REST!

  9. Congrats dear lady and I can't think of anyone more deserving than you!!
    Hey, I know it's easy to get inspired sometimes. Maybe you could do some work called "uninspired or something like it". Just a thought. Your things are so lovely anyway, maybe there is beauty in un-inspiration as well? (is that a word??).

    Steady On Artist
    Reggie Girl

  10. Woo hoo... that's a great award!!! I am sorry so much is going on in your life. Sounds like our lives are parallel. I really wanted to accomplish something today but just didn't have the energy with all I'm doing in this place for the kids, running errands, hubby sick.. it's been a rough 2 months, and I know what you're going through. We just have to pick each other up and tell one another that we've still got it... it's just temporary, we'll get back to creativity soon! Big HUGS!! xo Rose

  11. Congratulations! Hang in there--life has a way of pulling us in a million directions. I can relate to that. I often feel like I just want to hole up in a quiet room for a while, and life doesn't often let us do that! There's always tomorrow. I know someone who painted all sorts of things, but she went through color themes--all red items, then all yellow, blue, etc...she just went around the house and collected items and had at it. I loved what she came up with. Or just wait and let the muse speak to you and relax until then! Take care.

  12. I'm glad you like your award and were inspired to pass it along to your friends!
    I had a really, really hard day today and I don't quite remember what made everything okay by the end of the day. Maybe it was knowing I did the best I could, or maybe it was just knowing that tomorrow is another day and perhaps I'll do things differently. Or maybe it's just a simple thing like knowing that I don't have all the answers but trusting that things will be okay anyway. If we've done our best, what more can we do?

    Peace and hugs,

  13. Congratulations on your award, and on the fact that you have so many friends who care for you. These comments are so thoughtful, that the people writing them must be very caring individuals, which makes you a lucky person. I mean, you have attracted these caring people to your side; you have touched something within them, so take their words to heart, draw strength from them, and let yourself bask in their warmth.

  14. taking a break is good, getting inspriration and support from friends is good also.

    Open the dictionary. Pick a word. Draw a story and start from there...

  15. Wow Isn't the award just beautiful!!!!!Congrats!
    Being so tired and uninspired means you have to take care and be be gentle and nice to yourself. To restore your energy and to get creativity flowing again..Tka a break and do things that seem more important at this moment. Once you feel better the canvas will fill itself......

    hug >M<

  16. AU, this award has brought me to little tender tears, my darling - It is so beautiful, and coming from you I am heartfull of love... Thank you for your love, your art, your beauty and you sharing your troubles with us - A trouble shared, and all that - It is meaningful and can sometimes help lighten burdens - I know...

    I am blogging drivel at the mo', as I am reluctant to share a concern that I have to eke out of Grizz, my son, and when I do share it, I know that you will be there for me too...

    Some days are always better than others for us all, so do watch out for yourself, and congratulate yourself on the easy, baby steps to wellness my darling...

    I am going to get to doing your prize Meme later this month, so please come around for that - I shall comment to say when it is, and then there will be something in it for you, too, already planned, my dahlink!

    Love and blessings, AU - Hugs and kisses xox