Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: My Desires and Dears

My best buddy was home for a few days last weekend and I showed him my new toy. I don't understand why they won't let me play with it long though.....with just a little work I could get that annoying squeaky thing out...I know it! They put it up in the closet and no matter how much staring is done at the door gently letting them know moi would like it back, they totally ignore me then occasionally seem quite annoyed! Hello, you got it for me didn't you? Gonna have to work on those royal subjects of mine, let them know whose in charge!
There was something new on mom's desk in the had an awesome aroma, that big egg sniffer was quite taken with it and I yearned to know more.
Ah, yes, that IS one more enticing odor going on there.....
Dang! She's making me get down, just when it seemed to be within my grasp.....oh no, I could almost taste it!
I can't leave without giving a snort out to Soulbrush, she is quite taken with me (duh, I'm awesome) and my only wish is I could have smelled those awesome bulldogs she used to own....she has posted pics of them today and I must admit to being impressed! She wouldn't take my toy away, she's English and would know how to treat an English bulldog of my stature! Did you see how foxy she looked??? Mom! We don't HAVE to fly first class!


  1. Oh too cute. Yes one doesnt have to fly first class, But dont forget the six months quarantine England has. Better to go to France. :))

  2. Why that's about the cutest thing I've seen in ages........
    Visiting your blog is like a smile that starts inside and just keeps going :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Happy Doggie Thursday. Yes, I agree Apollo that Soul has a special vibe for you. You handsome doggie.

  4. ha ha hee hee haw are the BEST, and you can tell bigboy i said so. forget the ticket to here and the quarantine, i'm coming over there...but remember, I will be as strict as your own mama ya sweetiepie, king of kings, lord of all you rule!

  5. Apollo, didn't you ever get to find out what was in that dish?

    I think you should hide something of theirs until they give your toy back.

  6. of course you can 'play', would love you to, even if itends up being 6, not 'pay it forward' girl. morning 'pollo

  7. Oh Dear, he sure makes me laugh:) so cute and funny AND clever!)
    lots of love
    PS and yes, those doggies over at Soulbrush's make me completely gaga:)

  8. Apollo!!! Get away from that candy!

    I don't know why they bought you a new toy and then put it in the closet. Why don't they just take the squeaker out of it like I do for my dog? Why don't you put THEM in the closet?? LOL!!

    I did a housecall for a bulldog yesterday. I had seen her before. The lady looks after the dog when the son is away and she almost always calls me because the dog doesn't seem 'right.' Well, sure enough I get there and she's having difficulty walking (she's nearly 14)and it's from the same problem I pointed out before. Her toenails were so long it was painful for her to walk.
    I got my trusty clippers (which she hates) and I trimmed the worst of them. She trotted off like she was a pup!
    Simple things, right Apollo? Why are some people so ignorant? I think because she hates nail trims they just don't bother to do it.

    Have a happy weekend big guy!

  9. You tell 'em Apollo. Humans... what are ya gonna do?

  10. I just had to stop and say hi to Apollo!