Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Apollo Shares Special Moments

Hey, I'm still not sure if this guy is my friend or foe. Dad moved it the other day. There for a minute I thought the dude was following me........carefully, slyly and nonchalantly, I moved in.
She's one of my favorites but it has taken all my royal, pig/dog-like charms to woo VolleyGirl, but it's working...oh yeah, it's working. She said she looks awful in this shot - puh-leeze! Teen girl humans can be a bit odd!
Moments pass slowly when dad is working away from home. Pausing to remember a special time with him - even one where he teases I find comforting.
Mom has been working in his study while he is away so I can sleep in my favorite places in there in the daytime and it has helped. It's true, she is quite the lady-in-waiting........."excuse me, could I have fresh water, this old stuff has drool floating around in it!"
Until next week....woof, woof Soulbrush and all my canine colleagues.


  1. That Apollo is one handsome dude......and the daughter is quite lovely herself. I remember when mine were that age Artist..."Mom, do you have to take a picture right now?", "Mom, could you please try to understand what it's like to be young?" "Mom, you just don't understand".
    Hmmmm.......not much has changed, lol!!
    God, I long for them all every day :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. You do have a gift for getting inside that guy's head don't you?

  3. I just love these doggie Thursdays! Such wonderful commentary from them all.

  4. Annie says hi to Apollo. What a handsome guy he is. Loved the video. Funny guy. VG is lovely. Whats wrong with that photo. Gee how I wish I could go back and look like I did when I hated my pictures at that age. :))

  5. oh vg you are a natural beauty, but sorry apollo wins my prize. woof woofto you too handsome, from your number one fan (okay after big boy)....happy DT to you and your happy family.

  6. Cute pictures and video! I came over from Sukie's. Glad I did.

  7. You're funny, Apollo. That shot of you being "reflective" is the best. Try to get your artist mom to do a portrait of you. Tell her to just paint wrinkles!

  8. I love the action pic with Volley Girl - so sweet, AU! Thank you, and aren't you clever to post that great clip too - I have so, so much to learn from you, and Apollo! x

  9. I laughed out loud reading about Apollo's "moment of reflection". That's hilarious!