Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching Up......Finally!

We attended the last Club volleyball tournament in downtown Atlanta this past weekend. The team played alright, lost a couple they should not have but that's okay. We drove over on Friday evening and we stayed nearby the venue in downtown. We arrived to play at 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning and finished around 1:30 that day. Our hotel was about 3 blocks away, so we walked. That's nothing....unless you have a bad back, one bad knee and the other is worse! I survived. VolleyGirl and I took a little nap upon returning to the room. Then we got ready and went walking around downtown for a bit. I didn't take that many photos but caught a few.
I liked the reflection of one glass building on another.
The same here.
We were constantly encouraged to take a horse pulled carriage ride. I thought the horses were so sweet and of course felt sorry for them. Mr. Unplugged wanted to take one but VolleyGirl obviously thought it would be extremely embarrassing. I'm usually steps behind trying to keep up - should have just hopped on and said adios!
These windows were broken almost a year ago from a tornado.
Appropriate carriage for VolleyGirl - there were normal ones. We ate at an Italian restaurant.
I am not completely recovered from the trip. The weather was bad on the drive home part of the time and was at home and along the areas where BigBoy was to drive back to school. We kept asking him what were the weather reports in order for him to leave. Finally, I looked on Mr. U's phone at weather.com and it was to be bad all evening. I do not believe BigBoy was being totally upfront about it. We didn't let him leave Sunday. Luckily, his class wasn't until 3:00 on Monday so he didn't leave until yesterday morning. There were a couple of deaths and damage in nearby towns. I had bags to unpack, clothes to start washing, grocery trip so it takes me awhile after a trip to get back to blogging. Also, school volleyball tryouts are this week and I had to driving VG to that after school and then return to pick her up. Her school does not have it's own gym yet so we must drive 20 minutes from school to the one they use, it is about 30 minutes or more from our house. That's every day this week. We don't allow her to ride with her 16 year old friend drivers just yet.
I will slowly catch up with everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. You are one BUSY MOM!!! I don't know how you do it, you must have the energy of three people! You go, girl! (I mean Mom!) xoxo

  2. Such interesting sights! Thanks. These are places I will probably never visit.

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  4. Wow, you are really a very busy mom! But I understand that you rather take your girl there yourself instead of let her drive with 16 year old drivers...Well, we here in Europe are not used to this, so it frightens us, I guess...

    I enjoyed very much the pictures of Atlanta, love the glass on glass reflections too!

    So, take care and a good busy week for you

  5. a busy mom and an excellent mom too in my opinion!

  6. you are busy! I am a first time visitor here and am enjoying your blog. I can't believe those windows are still out in Atlanta. I was there a few days after the tornado last year - so it made sense then! Have a great day :)

  7. You are always so busy! I work and I don't think I'm that booked. Maybe I am, and it's just habit to me now.
    I love the photos of downtown. That Cinderella Coach takes the cake! We spent a weekend in Indianapolis a couple of years ago and they have those horse and buggy rides everywhere, too. I don't think the horses mind it too much. When we went it was Labor Day weekend and the temps were in the 90's. Maybe the horses minded that.
    Gather your strenghth for your next inning. You seem to never quit.

  8. Nice to see Atlanta through your camera lens...love the horse shot!
    Glad you had a good time.

  9. it takes me twice the time of a vacation to get caught up - so I know what you mean!

    See you around

  10. I liked the buildings in windows shots too. How cool is that. why are the windows not fixed in that building? Glad you made your son wait to go back to school. better safe then sorry.
    Glad your back. Hope you get rested up.