Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: My Thoughts This Week

Every morning I enjoyed snoozing on my favorite comforter that is on the couch for me.
Mom lets me look outside the big window in the study...I rather think this would make a good addition to my other 'Royal Portraits'. It appears the heavens have opened up for me...I like that.
I'm a happy canine, not turning to the bottle! Dad always brings me a toy when he buys my big bag of food. He doesn't let me play with it very long, is that because I can tear any toy up if it is left with me? Can't help it if I am mighty....
Mom sometimes have me wait a bit at the door...........I just got tired.
Hmmmmm, I haven't seen this photo....that new dude obviously was moved out, he really gets around!
I really don't get how some of you blog EVERY DAY! This is exhausting!!!!!!!!! Big smack to all my buddies.....Snuffles, Luna, Annie........


  1. Hi T, I was looking for an email address to answer your questions that you left on my blog. Too long to post here.I don't see one.

    Apollo, your are the bee's knees.

  2. Now why can't our Annie be like you a little. Here I am sick and all I can do is lay around and she still wants that long walk. She could try being a little like you. :}

  3. Best wishes to the King of snooze.

  4. Yeah buddy, it can be exhausting. Good to see you're pacing yourself.

  5. oh no, my lord and master, mightiest of all that is mighty, i DID miss this could I??this is ridiculous....i am going to hunt for some photos of my own bullies I used to have and post them for you next thursday, so be on the lookout. love ya big man, wish you were asleep on my couch. woofs from snuffs...she would be terrified of you..tee hee...