Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: It's All I Can Do....

Greetings canine companions! Can we talk? Do you ever feel restless, not sure what you want but you just can't settle down? Sometimes the program that the jesters are viewing just doesn't bring me satisfaction. Last night it was the American Idol results it much better when they're bringing down the house on performance night. Anyhow, I kept scoping the place for something to get into. My toys are often on the hearth but my dad puts the really good ones on the mantle. (Apparently mom doesn't care for that place of storage)
Decided to kick up my heels a bit with the standby bone, it's always good for a little gnawing.
My best buddy loves me and misses me so much he sketches me in class on his notes......we had a great time last weekend, just the two of us!
Wow, the exhausting toll it takes on me to write every week, I really doubt you fully comprehend it. Quickly! Before I totally slip into a deep snore! A big, sloppy woof out to Snuffles, Annie, Luna and all you other restless, wild and crazy canines!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, how adorable you are and the sketch so captures your total personality!!!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Love the sketch. It's a great sketch. Annie says, hey Apollo get up and get going. She is ready to rock and roll today. She has had enough sleeping. :)

  3. Great sketch. I am sure you would be busy if you best buddy was there to play with you. Maybe your mom would take you for a walk. Happy DOT.

  4. honey child, do you wanna borrow my laddder to get up to that mantel??? ask big boy if he would like to send me that wonderful drawing he looks so much like winston ya cutie pie love honey bunch angel poppet!

  5. Hi Apollo! You look like you are having a great week. Your daddy did a really nice sketch of you. He must miss you very much. See you next week.

  6. That woozle is adorable - Whether in real life, or captured by your skilful pencil - He is an artwork, AU! Such a treat!

  7. Sometimes you are just too much man for me to handle!

  8. Hi AU,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Finally I am here on a return visit and I see I have been here beforen, because I recognize Apollo. Introduced by Soulbrush of course.
    What a funny dog you have! I guess the most normal things they do look funny already. Well at least to me.
    The sketch is fabulous, did you make it?

    have a nice weekend!!!

  9. The sketch is so sweet, they must miss each other much during the week!
    And the storm photos are so impressive! You talk often about storms, do you have that many where you live (in the south, if I understood right)

    Thanks for your comments always so uplifting, on my blog, and Oh and I know how it is when you have nothing to blog, then it's best not to. The brain and body needs this time which seems to us so unproductive but which is not. The creative mind needs this kind of "sleep":)