Monday, April 13, 2009

Very Sweet Easter......

BigBoy's request was this stove top drop cookie made of chocolate, peanut butter and oatmeal.
My neighbor's mom passed away so I made this cream cheese pastry for them.
Mr. Unplugged's favorite is the coconut cream pie - he is finishing off the very last piece now!
The in-laws grabbed some of these before we even had the meal. It is a well known Paula Deen recipe, Gooey Butter Cake...though it really is cut into bars.
This was the new recipe, another Paula Deen recipe, Decadent Chocolate Layer Cake.
The middle layer is cheese was very, very good. I do believe that milk was left out of the ingredients for the icing. I made it Saturday evening, which was the very last thing I mixed up. It was like concrete, I thought the big mixer was going to tear up, I had to add some milk, a little at a time to try to get it to a spreadable consistency. It was it a big ball clung tightly around the beater. I probably read over that part of the recipe a dozen times making sure I had not left something out.....12 ounces of chocolate melted, a cup of butter and six cups of confectioners sugar with only 3 tablespoons of Amaretto liqueur was not going to work.
I had started my baking Thursday with a cinnamon pull apart cake for the neighbors but I took a quick shower and left it in just a bit too long and left it here and made them the cream cheese pastry. It is one of their favorites. Needless to say, the family here was thrilled with that. Next, I made BigBoy's cookies so they would be here when he arrived, double batch, they stayed here and he took remainder back to school with him.
Friday I made the coconut cream pie, baked the chocolate cake and the cheesecake layer, the butter cake and the pasta dish for the tournament on Saturday. The pasta has chicken, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, celery, spiral pasta and mixed with ranch dressing.....the girls love's actually called 'Volleyball Pasta'. I also mixed a tortilla chip dip made with cream cheese, chopped green chili peppers, shredded parmesan cheese, sprinkled with bread crumbs and baked. It was the first time I made it.....all of it was eaten at the tournament. The girls did well at the tournament but only came in second in their pool play.....VolleyGirl played very well. We arrived at the tournament before 8 a.m. and left around 5 p.m. Our last club tournament is this weekend in Atlanta, we will leave Friday and return Sunday. Guess volleyball starts that Monday. Thankfully, I will not have to bring food this weekend. In-between the baking I was doing wash. My goal was to get the baking done by Friday so that I could have Friday and Saturday night free except for mixing the icing and putting the cake together. BigBoy helped me finish up the icing...........We went to my in-laws, came home, got BB off to school around 4:00 then I went to my brother's for awhile. Today, VolleyGirl's school was still out so I taxied her to meet friends for lunch and a movie. It's at a shopping center so I browsed awhile then went to the bookstore, plopped down and finished my drawing. I will post that tomorrow. Okay.....that's a 'not so quick' rundown!!!!! I probably still won't get around to all of you till tomorrow....have to clean kitchen after preparing supper....VG is doing homework!! Love ya!


  1. OMGOSH. You plum wore me out reading about all this cooking. :))You mean you got a drawing going too?? It all looked so wonderful. Lucky family & neighbor. Your house must have smelt heavenly. :}

  2. My goodness, that was a marathon cook-in! It all sounded yummy! I wish I could have a sample of each. I have never been able to bake cakes. I'm fine with all the other sorts of cooking but sweets?? nope!
    I hope you have a rest very soon,or at least until next weekend!

  3. no wonder you're exhausted, what a fabulous cook and mom you are. whew.

  4. OK- I am really so tired for you that I could CRY!! My feet/legs/back would probably still be aching today if I did all that you accomplished.
    I hope you had enough energy left to enjoy Easter!
    A belated happy Easter to you.

  5. Wow! I did not even get half as creative as you this year! Amazing woman, indeed. I made a Puerto Rican traditional arroz con gandules dish (between sneezes)and considered myself victorious. Sara Lee provided the chocolate cake (I confess under my breath!)
    Btw I became a follower. I hope you can follow Oasis Writing Link too that way we can get to know each other and more easily keep in touch. I appreciate your comment on the dog shelter post. Beatrix Potter and my fantasy artist's life was posted yesterday. I love the flower painting on your blog header. Beautiful creamy white!<3

  6. Okay, I couldn't read all of this. Just the photos alone put 5 pounds on me. Nope. Not looking!

  7. Wow, you could open a bakery!! I'm not a big fan of sweets but I have to say a few of these had me drooling ;P
    You really are a a version of Superwoman!

    ha ha ha word veri = mixes!!

    No mixes here folks. Just great desserts made from scratch!

  8. HOLY SMOKES!!! No wonder no one was blogging this weekend, if they all had weekends like yours! You were a real whirling drevish, girl. I did nothing. I bought a spiral sliced ham that my hubby caught on fire in the smoker, so there went the ham dinner. We ate some of it, but it tasted awful. Thankfully Easter was just the two of us. I think he ate a peanut butter sandwich later.
    Speaking of peanut butter, those cookies are my favorite, too. But I would have been hard pressed to pick just one of those delicious looking desserts. You are a mighty fine cook, ma'am.

  9. No wonder you are still tired. You worked yourself into the sofa. What a lot of goodies not to mention the meal. You deserve a nice long rest.