Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Snippet

Look at this gorgeous card with a watercolor of a English bulldog celebrating Easter!!! Lolo sent three of these to me and I was so excited and touched. (Okay, maybe I'm always a bit touched) The envelope was lovely as well and as I pulled it from the mailbox, I immediately knew it was from her! Mr. Unplugged was very impressed....anything bulldog makes him happy. Have I mentioned I may have rhinoplasty to get my nose halfway embedded into my face........gotta keep my man happy...........THANKS LOLO! You are such a sweetheart. I have been receiving these wonderful gifts in the mail and I feel like the Little Drummer Boy, I have no gift to bring.....I shall be thinking (warning). Hmmmm, filled cupcakes, nah, coconut cream pie, nah, buttermilk biscuits, nah, locks of my, can't spare that.......collected slobber from Apollo.....yuk! Wait! Soulbrush! footprints in ink.....nah.....okay, may have a small dilemma here.
It has been busy around the Unplugged Palace, family activities and chores have kept me from blogging - imagine that! I barely had time for this zentangle last night. This afternoon, grocery shopping and volleyball practice.......hope to catch up with you all soon!


  1. I think this zentangle is wonderful. I think you do have something to offer back. I havent seen one of these I didnt like. I could see ATC's and Bookmarks.
    I Was wondering where you were. When family is all home it does get VERY busy, but fun at the same time. Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Oh and the gift is wonderful. Nice of her.

  2. oh my lordie lordie, what a wonderful sketch of mr handsome. love it and love lolo. your zens are fabadabadoo too.

  3. That sweet Lolo making Apollo a card face. What a wonderful gift. Your zen is quite pretty too. I like the dots. They make the zen feel light.

  4. That Lolo is just something wonderful!!!

    Love the zentangle-very delicate.

  5. This zentangle has so much going on! Part dragon or dragonfly, part squirting flower, part butterfly perhaps? I love it!!

    That bulldog was one of the fist paper bag art projects I did. It's done on the back of a Trader Joes bag. I'm kicking myself for giving the original away (framed and everything!) to a cause I donate to every year. Not even a thank you for a $500 donation. That's it, no more for them!

    I love the cards though and now that I've come to know you and Apollo a little bit I knew I had to send a few ;)

    happy (early) Easter!

  6. Your zentangle looks so happy! So light, so springy!! All of your drawings are creative- but this one definitely has a different look to it.
    Did I ever tell you that our high school mascot is a bulldog?? I've seen him with different expressions, even with a hockey stick chomped in his mouth, but I don't think I've ever seen him in bunny ears! So funny!
    Have a great day!

  7. Oh please tell me you didn't make Apollo pose for the Easter Bulldog painting. A guy's got to retain some dignity after all!

  8. I didn't know what a zentangle was, but I like it! Very cool - is it pen & ink?

    I think you should do a giveaway contest of some sort! Your holiday sketches are awesome and I would love a series of them in my own house. Etsy shop! Giveaways! We want more!

    Also - the person over the art gallery at the library wants to hear from you. Details in person.

  9. evry time you put one of these up i go gaga

  10. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE this one. I really like that you added just a hint of color that pops off that black and white. I want one!!!