Friday, September 25, 2009

Treat and Trip

Tournament tomorrow which means pack tonight. Lovely 'collage' of volleyball gear that includes three uniforms, long pants, cover shorts, team t-shirt, long sleeve shirt....extra socks.....get the contact solution VG took out the other week....ALL DONE.....should be going to bed. We drive 40 minutes away and will be there until 5:30 at the earliest, never fails, it runs late.
Remember the teammate that moved from Chicago area this year and the grandparents came to visit a couple of weeks ago? The girl's grandfather is an artist, he's 82. They left for the airport from a tournament and I sent one of the zentangles he had liked. His daughter said the snow covered bridge is near their home in Illinois. VG's favorite is the rose. We both are fond of them since Rose is our middle name and was my mother's name.
He sent a package of notecards with his watercolor paintings printed on them with a kind note letting me know he has hung the zentangle in a place everyone can see it. How sweet!!! I love the animals.
Such variety....I love the florals and the country. I certainly plan to keep in touch.
Get back with you later, maybe not until Sunday. Should have already went to bed! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hey... lovely postcards... very nice touch... looks very natural...
    Success with the tournament and have a wonderful weekend...

  2. OMGosh these are amazing. He does wonderful work. He really appreciated your Zent thats for sure. :) I painted that same bridge in the first batch of photos. Hope it is and was a great trip and weekend.

  3. How wonderful from one artist to the other.

  4. Gorgeous Artwork (and love the collage :)

    Have a good time

  5. OMG! This man is great! I am so envious. I want to enlarge, print and study them, one by one! How lucky you are to have these.
    Have a great time at your tournament. Here's hoping for WINS!

  6. LOVE the grandfather's art! Beautiful!

  7. oh wow. so lovely and amazing.

    love painting pictures