Monday, September 14, 2009

Bitchin' and Braggin'

My sincere apologies for this post if you're tired of reading about my offspring AND you tire of reading of my ailments. I believe it's safe to say that the title should have warned you somewhat......I did just finish painting for awhile this morning but must stop to run by grocery store and pick up VolleyGirl from school and head into town for her practice. Today I plan to sit in Starbucks and do some art. Part of my pride is for BigBoy being selected for a position as Creative Services Manager merely by submitting some of his art...without an interview or anything. This position is with the university's advertising agency on campus. He is second to the top person with 9 positions under him. He knows very little about it until the meeting tomorrow. He was advised in his advertising class to apply. Yeah, I've got that proud mama glow about me!!!
VG's team played in a tournament this past Saturday and placed second to a team that is 30-0 this year!!! No compaints with that loss too much. Happily the tournament was just minutes down the road but we were still there from 7:45 a.m. until 9:15 p.m.! The more you win, the longer you stay......yep, there is another one this Saturday. Update on VG's foot; it is a stress fracture....argh!!! Dr. said no running, like laps for warm-ups but she can continue to play as long as it doesn't worsen so that she limps. She will probably be in a boot for 3 or 4 weeks when the season is over. Amazingly lately it's not been hurting much at all. She ices it at night while doing homework. Right now the team is ranked 3rd in state for their division.
Now is the time to exit if you don't want the bitchin' part.........even though, right now, I don't feel so much like doing it after writing about the good things!!!!! My back is killing me, as is both my knees. I was bending over to the freezer Friday night and was hoping my back wouldn't as I got ice for both my knees. I couldn't help but think it was kind of funny, my predicament. Today my right hand even aches but did fine comes and goes. My first joint on my index finger is always sore but it is exceptionally bad the last week. Backing out of the driveway it hurt my neck to turn around to look, my 'good' knee hurt on the gas pedal and my bad knee just hurt. Oh well, there you go. I don't complain to my husband, he has been sick of it years ago but my silence is often mistaken for feeling okay, I think. Sadly, you, my extended friends catch it....but I promise to not say anything for a Check Spellinglong time now. Thanks for 'listening' if you read this far!!!!! Prayers welcome. :)


  1. Well that painting sure looks good..fab in fact. Are you about thru with the series?
    Congrats on BB and how sad for VG. I hope that foot doesnt get worse.
    As for the back and knees. I understand so well. I too go thru the pain and back and rib going out and the knee paining me terribly. I even decided to walk to help get better maybe, But that lead to sciatica nerve pain in my left thigh. I couldnt even squat down or sit down well. and complaning about something that doesnt show gets you looks like..what a hypochondriac. Never the less it is very very paintful even tiring and I GET IT because I too go thru it.

  2. Love the washer, esp the rust!!

    yay VG, a loss to be proud of for sure!

    Way to go BB!!!

    Now for's okay to complain now and then. If we hold it all in in manifests as neck pain, back pain, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and nervous breakdowns!

    Bring it on girlfriend. We can all relate ;)

  3. I truly know the feeling, I have four children. I will keep you in my prayers! Life happens and I am just so impressed with your determination. Most give up! Keep going, you've got it.

  4. Oh gosh, you must have been listening to me in the car today! I was mumbling to myself how my neck hurts, my back hurts, my hands ache from arthritis, I had a headache, blah, blah, blah. Where DOESN'T it hurt??? I hate this. Who said life gets better over 50??

    That is SO terrific about Big Boy! What a lucky break. And how good that will look on his resume! You are rightly proud, Mama.

    Big congrats to VG!! My niece used to play VB in high school too, but had to give it up her senior year due a knee injury that required surgery. I remember my SIL going to all thoses games with her. Ran everyone ragged!

  5. Love the painting...takes me back to my childhood, our across the street family had a wringer washer.

    If we can't bitch and moan here where can we? Hope you feel better soon.

  6. What are (blogger) friends for??? Whine and brag away!

  7. Wonderful painting!
    Great your kids are doing so fine and you are proud of them!
    But it sucks that you are in pain most of the time! Does this has a name? Can you do something about it?
    I remember a while ago you didn't feel well and were low in energy.
    Sometimes we just need to bitch......too bad
    Hope you will soon feel better!
    Have a nice weekend!