Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Tongues Are Wagging!

Best Buddy wanted to get me in the photo with him and his (my) cake. I wonder why he didn't get closer and hold the pose longer, he seemed so timid about it! Boy, I could smell that sugar......grew tired just hyper-flaring my nostrils, I did!
Yeah, right, the water really quenched my desires!

Whew, I get dog tired after some playing with my buddy. Now where did that water go?
Yum, yum! What can be better than a bone? Well, two, of course! I wanted to bite that blue bone right off the cake!
Shhhhhh, I need my beauty rest now. Big snore out to Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Tonka, Luna, Presley, Dizzy, Friday, Penny and Snickers! I must add that I was not tongue tied yesterday, the silly photo upload wouldn't work - and I know my paw was hitting the right buttons!


  1. You mean they didnt share any of that cake with you .. not fair when it had your picture on it.
    And sometimes that darn ole button just doesnt want to work for blogging. Annie sends her regards. She is chomping to go run after her ball in the field this morning so she didnt have time to comment. :)

  2. oops.. she is chomping at the bits.. to go run... to early for me. lol

  3. Ah poor you why didn't they give you the cake straight away?????