Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Boy is 21 !!!'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGBOY !!! Today is my first born and only son's 21st birthday!!! Here is BigBoy with my mom, as a young baby, wearing a toboggan made by his great-grandmother.

He loved to visit my parents and go outside. Mom made him this outfit.

Look at that face! BigBoy was the first male baby in 21 years and 23 babies on my mom's side of the family-she had seven siblings. I chose not to find out ahead what we were having. Following two carpel tunnel surgeries in the three weeks preceding his birth and labor from 4 p.m. on Thursday to the c-section bringing him to the world at 8:10 p.m. on Friday, he arrived on his due date. Beginning of Labor Day weekend, how fitting I thought!Getting him to smile for the photo was never a problem - having him not break his pose because he got so 'tickled' was the challenge. Very happy, friendly little boy.

One of my favorite snapshots. Taken in my parent's backyard while he was on the swing.

Ahhhhh, the junior high years where it all seems to change!!!!
Eighth grade and looking like a teen.
Skip to one of the photos from his graduation of my favorites too.

BigBoy and VolleyGirl on Christmas Day two years ago. He is a considerate, sweet one. Always gives me hugs, no matter where.
He loves little kids and is soooo good with them. In July we attended my great-nephew's birthday party. Stevey here, is my great niece.

I will probably post a photo from this weekend, he comes home from school Friday. Gotta get that cake ready! The 'Volleyball Gods' granted me a break...the games that were to be played Thursday (and over an hour away) have been cancelled! Oh the dance I did at that news!!!!


  1. Congrats to big boy!
    21 is a special age here, it means you are grown up ,can you imagine that?
    My boy is having his birthday today, he turned 11.

    Hope you have a wonderful day yesterday!

  2. Oh, how proud you are, and rightly so. What a wonderful person you created. That must feel like a magnificent accomplishment. Happy Birthday to a special guy.

  3. how lovely! have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to your pride and joy

  4. Happy b-day celebrations to you both!
    Can't wait to see the cake THIS time!

  5. Wow, 21...congrats to Big Boy!!!

    Btw, you're a wonderful Mom ;)

  6. happy boifday to you bb. and show us da cake mama!

  7. Oh! Belated congratulations, Happy Birthday to your son! What a wonderful person, I love the picture with him and volleygirl, it's awsome:)They make me smile,
    have a wonderful day