Monday, August 31, 2009

'Prickly' Week

Snapped this cactus a couple of weeks ago with all you Monday cactus sketchers and Teri in mind.
My week is especially prickly with volleyball games today (45 mins away), Tuesday, Thursday (45 mins) and tournament Saturday, (30 mins away) food required at tournament. BigBoy comes home for the long weekend and to celebrate his 21st birthday. VolleyGirl has the bone scan on her foot this Friday, which will take up a huge portion of the day. Sunday is my mother's side of the family, yearly family reunion - food required (45 mins away). Later that afternoon, we are planning a party at the pool for our 'boy', food required. Finally...I am attempting my most ambitious cake ever for BigBoy. I will share my progress provided my head doesn't blowup first!!!!!! The birthday gifts have already been purchased and all I must do is wrap. I have my master grocery list, to do list and have researched my cake. I am also CAUGHT UP with my laundry!!!! Like my dear Soulbrush, I am 'on fire'.........sadly it is not with my art! Fingers crossed, c'mon back, don't fail me now......


  1. hey Martha Stewart!!! make sure you save some time for you and your sanity ;)


  2. Yikes my brain is getting all prickly just trying to follow all your activites!

    Cute photo and i'm glad you thought of us.

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  3. Wow.. you need a clone.. LOL
    I just found out our new neighbors daughter is into Volleyball and they drive all around for games. One is place three hours away. Yikes.

  4. i didn't realise that bb is 21, i sort of thought of him as about 18, and can't wait to see the cake? is it a bully, is it a bully????
    trust me girlfriend, your family are so lucky that you are on fire, they are thoroughly spoilt, i hope they appreciate it. xxx

  5. There is absolutely no way you could work at a job, so just forget that! Too bad you don't get paid to do all you already do.

    Your cake looks FANTASTIC! I think this should be your job; making cakes for people.