Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Panefully, Furiously Working...

Sorry for not getting around to everyone's sites yet...hopefully will during a break later on. I am working away on this 18x24 painting right now. Yet to do, finish the 8x8 paingting, four small color pencil pieces, create two more larger color pencil pieces, finish a zentangle (would like to have another), endless framing, pick up my frames, canopy, display supplies, signs, tablecloth, keeping the washing machine humming so as not to get behind.....and importantly a HAIRCUT tomorrow!!!!!!! Yeah, no problem. Did I mention VolleyGirl is ill and out of classes today, a mom's gotta pamper still......


  1. I hope you get everything done in time. Sounds like a big list of things left to do. Take some pictures of this street fair for us please. I have been having problems commenting on here again. Its very frustrating.

  2. oh you are one busy girl!!!! I love this new piece you are working on....

  3. Busy Lady...enjoy the journey!