Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Birthday Cake

BigBoy's birthday was this past Friday but we didn't officially celebrate until last night. I baked him his favorite Cinnamon Pull-Apart cake on Friday. Saturday I baked the dome for the decorated portion of his cake and froze it, they decorate easier that way. He requested a Limeade Cake with Strawberry Filling,which is a Paula Deen reacipe. Her recipe actually had raspberry filling, but we didn't care for that flavor when I first baked it. Here are the first two layers with the strawberry filling.

Frosted with a cream cheese and lime icing that is delish! It is a very dense and heavy cake.

Yes, my boy turned 23 but he has always loved cartoons, Disney as a kid, drawing them all the time, then went into doing his own dog cartoons, and the last few years it's Marvel characters. He asked for a Buzz Lightyear on his cake, hasn't had a decorated one since I did Apollo's image on one a couple of years ago. This was the third weekend in a row I've had a decorated cake to get ready......think I'm ready for a break! Standing on my feet so many hours does in my back but he really liked it. fun.

He likes his coffee mugs and I like to look for them at Ross, TJMaxx and Marshall's so he had quite the collection given to him for his birthday.
All the movies that they have made recently with Marvel charachers, he sees them all and has been drawing the characters lately in color pencil just for fun. He is really taking to having finished college and started his new job the first of August, doing free lance work also but likes time in the evening to draw for for fun now.
Hey, rather see him wear Marvell images than beer advertisements!


  1. He's quite the billboard! ;-) Happy Birthday bigboy!!! The cake is tops!!!! sounds yummy too.

  2. PS Your banner painting is awesome!

  3. The cakes had the saliva running freely!

  4. oh what a fun weekend indeed!!! your cakes look I need some sweets!!!

  5. Wow that cake looks good! Belated Happy Birthday to Big Boy!