Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snow People Get Personal

7x9 graphite and color pencil on bristol

My niece's family is the subject of this snow family that will serve as an example of how I can personalize snowmen for orders to be taken at the street festival this Saturday or anytime. (Wow, that sentence was a mouthful!) The color isn't completely true in this photo, there is no blue on it at all but you get the idea. Will tweak the "Lego" buttons on the left snowman a bit and check for other places that may need it, might add a very light blue background. Can you figure out each one's interests? Before reading further, see if you can.

Starting from the left, little 5 yr. old "Eli" loves swords, Legos, "Link" from the Legend of Zelda (hat) and pizza with black olives. His dad is a big Vanderbilt University fan, my niece is all about books, cooking and gardening. Finally, 6 yr. old "Finn" loves robots, Super Mario Kart (hat and wii remote), soccer and basketball.

Above is the black/white 8x8 painting in progress, this is the finished background. I am a little further along now. Started an 18x24 painting yesterday afternoon in one of my many moments of insanity. It is a pretty simple design and probably won't be that impressive to most but it is something that continued appearing in my mind (that right there is a red flag!). Thinking it would be fast to paint and I wanted a larger painting for Saturday. Actually, it's off to a good start.....will save it for tomorrow! Again, I can't express the encouragement your kind comments give this uncertain artist, especially after going to the art show on the mountain the other weekend. Nervous about setting up among the other artists. Later, the painting (and the washer) beckons!!!!



    I love your personalized snow peeps!
    thanks so much for your visit...and is that I green pepper I spy in the post below? I must go check it out!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  2. the personalized snowman idea is great! they will sell like crazy. looking forward to seeing the finished painting. the background is very ethereal.

  3. Hoping it all sells.. hope you get the new one done in time too. Is it this weekend? wow. cutting it close. :))All looking good.

  4. I love these super amazing snow people!!!! what a wonderful idea....love this!!!

  5. Hope it all goes according to plan.