Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Tis the Season To Prepare for the Season

Preparing Christmas pieces for the street festival in color pencil. The snowman is roughly 8x6. I plan to do a couple of more with our most popular college team attire on and also offer customized snow families.

I like doing the ornaments, will probably do a couple of more, simpler though and some of the old fashion Christmas string lights as well. This one is 8x10. Also hope to get a scarecrow or two and maybe a pumpkin or two, neither very large. No, it hasn't put me in the Christmas mood!


  1. Title photograph of your website is magnificent.

  2. Those ornaments look so real. Its still Summer for a few more hours as I type this. I am so not ready to let it go ;( happy painting. :)

  3. Great drawings! I am amazed that the ornaments are done in color pencil.

  4. Oh what fun!!!! I was just mapping out things I need to do for an art show in November!!! and I have been thinking Christmas too!!! your new paintings are amazing!!!! wonderful work!!!

  5. Just had to come by and tell you how much you have made me laugh with your comment! You are way too funny...and it was just what I needed to do today....of course I've been saying that for days now....I need to always look for the funny! again!

    ciao bella

    love the background you chose...very artsy! very graphic!

    creative carmelina

  6. Okay, now I've seen them all. Adorable snow man.

  7. They look great -those balls! Reminds me that I need to start wiht my X-mas cards for this year...

  8. Hi there
    I haven't been around here for a while but I see you did a lot of creative things and such good art work!
    How clever to prepare for the holidays. Sometimes I do but most of the time I am too late :(
    All your snowman are great!
    And so are the other paintings! That green peppar! You really are good with the light which brings the items alive!
    Have to scroll further......
    See you in a moment