Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dogs on Thursday

Meet Peewee (and my brother). Peewee is going on 19 years old now. He's pretty much blind and deaf now but able to go to the door to go outside to do his business. Often he needs a little help finding his way back to the door but he always gets the help he needs. He was named for a dog my grandparents had when we were kids cause he resembled him so much. He has ran up the mountain many a time, running ahead of my brother on the four-wheeler, then he got to ride up. Now, it's a little to tough a trip for him. My brother has said that this is one smart dog. I'm glad he's still with us and ran across this photo yesterday and just thought I would share. Have a cake to do for BigBoy's birthday this weekend, see other cakes I've baked this summer in my previous post. Yes, Apollo is fine, just sleeping.......see?
Love and get well wishes to Annie!!!! See you next week Snickers, Emma, Luna, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief, Sophie and Snickers!!!!

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  1. What a sweet story about your brother's dog. It is always good to see HRC. I also like your header photo.