Monday, September 19, 2011

Monte Sano Art Show

Last Saturday I trekked to Monte Sano mountain for the annual art show, about a 30 minute drive away.

Lot's of painting. Creative hardware.

Artful accessories.

Paintings and paintings.

Have a developed homing system for the bulldog art.

You know there were opportunities for beautiful tree/sky shots but I did refrain myself.

Nature nestling art.

Ahhhhh, the scenic overlook off the side.

I loved the whole view of it all just as much as the art.

Here is the outdoor amphitheater.

I was a bit surprised at how much acrylic painting was there, how little watercolor and did not recall seeing any graphite, color pencil or ink drawings.

This man has been in Huntsville for years and years. He had a bit of drawing and was available for personal cartooning which he was doing here. He is offering a class at the local art league.
This place is a state park. There is also a museum that has many different buildings, an old church, log cabins, demonstrations of cooking, blacksmith, etc. from past centuries. Went there as a little girl in school and with my kids on class trips. In the early 1900s there was a very swanky hotel built on the mountain as an escape from the heat, it is long gone.

Funny, I had just noticed the full body, or heavy body paint at Michael's just days before and this artist did all his work in it. Quite sculptured and thick, can't really tell here. Many of his paintings were large and on wood. I can't fathom how much paint he goes through. I just may have to give it a try sometime.

Many pets brought their people.

Colorful yard art here.

Building located near the scenic overlook.

Loved the red in these paintings.

Precious shot of the mom and little girl.....there in the background, a painting of a naked child on the shoulder of a naked man........isn't that sweet. ;-D
Walking away, more yard art was in the throes of a deal.

Photo taken on way down the mountain.

Taken while waiting to pull out on the main highway leading up the mountain. Glad I went, always fun to see the varied and beautiful art, also needed to check out some methods of displaying art pieces for my own display. I do leave thinking "why did I sign up for this, I'm gonna look so inadequate" but I did and there is still plenty to do!


  1. One of my favorite combinations besides coffee and a bagel is nature and art. They just go together so well. I am envious of your scenery. I live in a very flat part of Kansas and have to venture pretty far for any hills or mountains.


  2. What a wonderful place indeed!!!! you took me on a wonderful exhibit of this fun all of your photos.....and the painting of the couple in bed and those them!!!!

  3. What a great Art festival. Lots of scenery to go with it too. I enlarged pix to see the paintings. Interesting that there werent that many watercolors as it seems they were taking over there for awhile. You dont see that many Oil paintings anymore either. Anyway thanks for taking us along with you. What a beautiful spot to have it.

  4. it sounds wonderful and I love those sunflower paintings! and the scenery - wow!

  5. Sounds like you had an awfully good time. You pics are really nice too.

    I just found you through Lynn Cohen's blog and thought I'd say hi.