Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!!!

A summer of cake baking, won't change since birthdays will remain the same! This first one is not for a birthday though. This little double layer six inch cake was finished Saturday morning. My niece's husband asked me if I could duplicate the top of the cake I had made them last summer for their wedding. I iced it this morning and met my niece for the delivery, tomorrow is their 1st anniversary and they lost the top layer they had frozen during our week without power after the April storms.

The bones for the cake I did last week, finishing Saturday, just in time to get to the party.

My 4 year old nephew had a Star Wars themed party and I decided to make Chewbacca. Here's the "head" before I shaped it up a little.

After carving a little, I frosted it in the black chocolate buttercream frosting.

Here's the sheet cake iced in black with some white icing "stars" for the galaxy.

Thought I made an in process photo of him but I started getting rushed. (Hate when I do that) Not thrilled with the writing but he loved it!

Mr. Unplugged's birthday cake was coconut topped with toasted coconut. What's to say, no decorating but it was really tasty and he liked it!

Ahhhh, the true monster of the summer. My 5 year old great nephew loves the Legend of Zelda. I was torn what to do on this one cause none of the design choices were easy. Finally went with the shield. First time to do much cutting shapes out. It wasn't bad at all....the secret is to freeze the cake. But....I had procrastinated because of my fear of it, the design, knew it wouldn't be, I was rushed towards the end which made it messier than it should have been.

I was still pleased at this point.

But Eli loved it and I learned much from this cake. It weighed a ton, fortunately I didn't have to carry it over to the party, his dad did. VolleyGirl and I showed up later for it.

Next up? BigBoy's birthday is next week and he wants a character on his cake too.