Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!

Indulge me once again in writing about my dear ol' dad. Today would have been his 80th birthday. This photo was on his 65th I believe. He was doing a lot of woodwork in his shop at the time so I made a cake and put tools on them with icing, using brown sugar for sawdust.
My brain is trying hard to focus on the wonderful birthdays we celebrated with him, but my stubborn heart marches to it's own beat - of course - and it feels soggy and heavy.
On an upbeat note.....

I finished another 'maytagarama'! For those of you unfamiliar with that term...I am painting 2 x 3 foot canvas' in acrylic of old washing machines for a friend's two businesses. There are to be a total of fourteen, a set of seven for each place. I will not have them exactly alike, though they could be, I choose not too. I dubbed them 'maytagaramas' after the Maytag brand washerss. Finding time has been difficult and they are taking longer than predicted. Keep in mind, I have painted less than 20 'real' paintings since I graduated from college so I am improving, getting faster and more confident. BigBoy says that my latest ones are better than the first ones.....probably so......due to my experience but also to the different types. Some lend themselves to become a more interesting, pleasing eye experience than others. I will post them all soon. I have more to do......
Gotta go sketch out the next one AND be ready to go to Target with family when they return from the gym. Hope to catch up with your sites soon!


  1. Nice painting. You are a busy lady.

  2. wow.. that painting looked like a photo when I first saw it. Very good. Yes the more you paint the better you get. Practice makes perfect... or there abouts. grin
    Next month, July, my Dad would have been 85. Boggles the mind. He died at age 79. Sill miss him and my Mom.

  3. i remember when you first posted about this. you will be so glad when they are all done. your mind will be free of them......and it has been a good excercise....hope you got a good wage out of it..and btw, i would love to go into a laundramat and see those pictures. They better bolt them to the walls, the way they bolt their washing machines to the floor....

  4. Yes, I had to zoom in to notice that it was a painting..well done! I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  5. WOW! this one is great! I remember you first posting when you started. How many are done now?
    Keep up the great work...and yes I have to agree, it does get faster with are sure showing that.

  6. oh what a lovey post. girls all love their daddies.

  7. OOPS! I thought at first that this was a photo.
    Keep up the good work! How do you ever find the time??

  8. Cool idea! I love off-beat subjects for paintings. And placing them in a Laundromat is so inspired.

    Sorry that you miss your dad, he must have given you your artistic gift. (I miss my dad too.)

    I gave you an award over at Oasis Writing Link (OWL)blog. Please come over and read my post about dreaming. I love your immersion into art... I think you are embracing your life with zest and an admirable vitality. I wrote about the need to put our dreams into motion...and you are an excellent example of that life skill. Congratulations!<3

  9. I hope you have some pictures to paint these from, because if you don't, your memory is far better than mine. I can remember some pretty old ones, but not this one!

    I think you are doing a fine job of this. I would be quite pleased if I were the recepient. I hope you are charging great sums of money, too.

  10. How beautiful this is! I dabble in painting, but am far from being as good as your stuff! I love your dog, and that story it tells :)

  11. That is a fabulous picture - It has something of folksy art about it, which is wonderful and crafty... The detail is amazing, and I love it that I finally understand the Maytagaramas title!

    Good on you, how clever and how artistic you are - Your dad's cake was a masterpiece again... My brain often feels like damp wadded cotton wool or tissue... Our grief gets us like that, don't you feel? Sending you much love and many hugs, and wishes for your liver to give you some peace, my petal... xox