Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"She Is 16, Going On 17....."

Monday was VolleyGirl's 16th birthday. Below is the pink and lavender cake.
So.....let's skip down memory lane a bit...and hope VG does NOT see this for fear she may curl up into a tiny ball with embarrassment. She would not be happy with me....but I am fearless so....

She is only months old in the above photo and her hair does not appear as curly and blonde as it really was. Pink cheeks, red lips (sh, a bit chubby), she looked just like a cherub.

Crawling with pigtails at 9 months old.

She was a bit over a year old here.

Easter Day and we visited the grandparent's lakehouse for egg hunting when she was 22 months.

Ahhhh, one of my favorites - the 2 year old 'pouting angel' at Halloween. Pouting because I wouldn't allow her to open a big decorated cookie at Grandmother's house just before we were to leave.
Christmas time and she's 3 1/2 years old. That's our first pet, Teri. By two years old she already had more hair than I ever managed in a lifetime. I do live vicariously through her hair!

This one didn't come out very clear but it is another favorite photo. First grade school picture.

This one will get me in deep ____! I believe it is 5th or 6th grade.

8th grade volleyball photo and she has bangs for the first time.

She's 15.....eeeeeeeeek, driver's permit!

.......sixteen, will be a junior in high school.....proud of the young lady she has turned into....still innocent, thoughtful, funny, spiritual, smart (when she wants to be) and real stubborn .....thank goodness we can talk about almost everything........


  1. Ahh what a lovely serie of pictures!
    She is a beautiful person!
    Happy birthday!

  2. Hi there... I'm back... ;-)
    She is lovely - preety like her mom... and happy belated birthday.....

  3. What did you eat while pregnant?? LOOK AT ALL THAT LOVELY HAIR. WOW. I didnt have hair till I was about nine months old. Mom taped a bow on my head.. grin
    Loved the photo show.
    She is a beauty.

  4. She is simply adorable. You must be so proud. Happy Birthday, VG!

  5. what a little beauty she was and is...reminds me of that song' you musta been a beautiful baby cos baby look at you now.'

  6. so beautiful!
    I enjoyed the trip down memory lane- even if it was my first with you!
    Even though my kids are grown (the youngest will be 20 in 6 months) I can still see the babies they once were. They will always be my babies, I guess.