Sunday, June 14, 2009

There's Always Something

Above is the other zentangle I did sitting at the Art Festival the other week. I have painted on my washing machine themed paintings a between the 19 loads of clothes, tons of meals and running VolleyGirl to practice - then as luck would have it....
early last week BigBoy and I were downstairs and heard a fairly loud noise. 'What was that?' We checked outside around the house, yelled at VolleyGirl to see what happened, then he ran upstairs looking around and found it. The shelf/clothing rack and an additional shelf on one side of my closet had came down. Uh, um, er, well, okay, it was pretty overloaded and it was all in the floor and I could barely open the closet door. Great, that's all I needed, some big task to tackle immediately! Six large garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, purses and one bag of trash later - it is now stacked in the bedroom floor to put back in. Mr. Unplugged fixed it today...he was waaaaaay underjoyed about it....let's just leave it at that. (Mr. Fix-It is not synonymous for Mr. Unplugged...) VolleyGirl is to sand the spackled spots (don't ask), then vaccum then I will be ready to pick a bit more out that passed the first cut, organize it all, and hang the rest up. We have alot to take to our church's thrift store. Though I hated every minute of it and the timing stunk.....I WILL BE SO PROUD!!! This week: besides the wash, food, painting - hit the volleyball ad sales again, take care of Father's Day gifts with the kids and shop for VG....she turn's 16 on the 22nd!!!!!


  1. Sometimes those 'pain in the neck' things happen to make us slow down and take inventory, both of our lives and the material/physical things in it.
    Decluttering can be so freeing, even if it's forced upon us ;)
    Hugs :)

  2. So tell me just what DO you do with your time. LOL
    Well at least you can't say you're bored. Love the Zentangle.
    Nice to get rid of junk. I guess we should schedule things like that before they become worse then they should. But then why do now what you can do tomorrow. :))

  3. No spare time to breathe in the life of any parent, is there!

  4. Busy, busy!! Your life never quits! I'll bet you're ragged when you fall into bed at night. Ain't it grand to have the kids at home?
    Try to get some rest.

  5. With all that excitement it's a good thing you had some nice relaxing Zentangles to work on!

  6. I am so proud of what you are up to, every day! You amaze me with your energies and just how much you manage to pack in to your days, AU!

    Decluttering just frees up so much energy I always feel, and I sincerely don't do enough of it myself - I know...

    Love the zentangling, as ever - Word Verif is peling, so maybe that's a new kind of zentangle?!

    I love your sky shots too - Stunning - You are a true artist in every sense of the word - Well done! So pleased for you! xox

  7. Thats a really nice zentangle... very cute:)

  8. I see some very nice sky shots here....beautiful!