Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over....

I have been so busy that I have not had time to blog and boy do I miss it. My life is full of cooking, cleaning, washing, grocery store, and running VolleyGirl to practice. We are ALL at home - Mr. Unplugged works from home, BigBoy is doing graphic work for someone at his university and it is emailed to him. It is a circus around here....kidding, picking on one another, fusses, grossing each other out.....we really would be almost unfit for a reality show....the husband is the worst of them the midst of this I posted this painting on ebay, BigBoy created a website ( and wants to create me one. I have been having VG clean out all her old school work and starting on her clothes. I want VG to help me clean out a bedroom this summer that has been a catch all too. Each day I try to get done with work and go up to paint on my old washing machines.....and's time for me (and VolleyGirl) to sell $600 worth of ads in the team program.....if I didn't, we would have to pay it ourselves and I won't let that happen. I also need to be created more art for the sites.......of course I want to be doing ATCs with all of you go. This where I have been.
I enjoy seeing all your work when I can get around to it....don't forget me!
Apollo says he will be snorting mad if he doesn't get to post later tomorrow so I have already told him he could!


  1. oh my head is swimming with all you are doing...the painting is awesome.

  2. Oh T, I know just what you mean. Between working full time, housework, errands, activities, and blogs I have no free time either. I don't get around as much as I used to on the internet. Only so many hours in the day.
    We'll still be here when you catch your breath.

  3. Good to know you're alright. We have missed you. Would be horrible is no one missed each other. :))

  4. I'm glad you posted today AU.......
    Life gets so busy sometimes doesn't it???? Still, it is a wonderful world, no?
    I love the painting....stunning :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Hey!
    Good to hear from you!
    I know how chaos (aka family) can rule!
    My husband is working from the home, so this computer is ALWAYS in use- except when he takes a break (like now!)
    Good luck with the sales- we had the same thing with hockey this past fall/winter- and I am sure the same thing will happen again wth the upcoming school year.
    Will check back for Apollo's post!

  6. wow what busy times.. missed you!