Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ferocious Feline and Sound of Music

Dudley, our Ragdoll cat, appears as if he is yelling at me...he was at the very top of the back stairs as I started up so I snapped a few with my camera phone. Merely caught him during mid-yawn or he was showing off.
Cue the Hallelujah Chorus cause 'moi' completed another 'Maytagarama' last night!!!!! Already began another this morning. They are 24 x 36 in acrylic. I'll show you my progress....

The Zoo became busier today since we are getting a new roof and workers began this morning. The knocking and pounding doesn't bother me. Anxious to see it when it's finished, had to go with a different color. Almost every house around here has got a new roof.....remember the hail we had?


  1. What a beautiful cat and great pose he gave you.

    Happy Animal WEdnesday!

  2. How cute. He looks like he is saying, oh no not you. :)
    Painting is wonderful. The tub looks so real.
    Hope the roofing is over soon without much distruption.

  3. The cats have it today!!! Mine is up too.
    Wonderful painting!!!
    We are the proud owners of a new roof as well. The cat was freaked with the pounding, hid in the closet for days.

  4. Pretty cat! He thinks he's a lion.
    New roof, ugh. Noisy and not cheap. It will be over soon.
    Your painting looks like a photo!

  5. too funny photo of your cat! i love it!!

    glad you have your creative hat on and looking forward to seeing what you're working on.

    hope the zoo passed by quickly. hee hee

  6. whatever a 'maytagarama' is, it looks great. how does aplollo like living with a cat?

  7. HAW to you - and boy I am amazed at how BUSY you are - so much going on in your life.