Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Crazy Days

'Holy tufted throne!' It has been so crazy around this pint-castle that 'me lady' nearly overlooked my weekly report!!!!! No wonder with all the pounding and knocking above this place. It has me a bit puzzled but my best buddy has taken care of me royally, doting on me especially......I hardly leave his side? 'Hey what are you doing with my blue bone up there?'
Ha, ha, ha, buddy spilled my water and it was great fun catching hold of that towel....'come on, pull!'
'Those unknown dudes get here really early in the mornings to start the pounding and pestering noise......................................till we meet again........special bark out to Snuffles, Emma, Annie, Luna and all you foxy felines!


  1. I am glad to hear you are still enjoying your royal companion. Summer is lots of fun isn't it.

  2. tee hee you couldn't give a damn about all that noise, as long as you got your buddy, food, water, walks and of course sleep....good night sweetie pie.

  3. I love these Thursday when the dogs come to town!! So cute.

  4. Hello!
    What a fun blog and your work is amazing! Love the zentangles!! Thank You for your kind and encouraging comments. I will be back to see what new and wonderful creations you post.
    Love your furry faced kids too!
    :) Anni

  5. It's good that you are able to sleep through all that noise. Wouldn't want to interrupt your nap.
    Try to keep calm in all the chaos.