Friday, July 3, 2009

Dogs On Thursday Special: The Birthday Boy

Wow, can you believe it? I am a whole 3 years old today! It's great that mom and dad took an overnight trip yesterday which allows me to make my post today on MY BIRTHDAY!!! Sitting here, pondering over my short, yet full life thus far, thinking of my life filled with joy, food, happiness, food, fun, food, BigBoy, food, dad, food, mom, food, VolleyGirl, food, Dudley, food, my favorite chair, food, snuggling in the morning on the couch, food, time in the study with dad, food, when BigBoy comes in, food, sniffing outside, food, baths, uh, well, food, and one of my MOST favorite things to do........
riding in the car.....oh, how I love it! My best buddy took me on a long ride to take VolleyGirl to practice today and it was heavenly. Picture this: me, in the front seat with 'buddy' driving, the girl in the back. What a total delight!!!
Yep, it's been a long, lovely ride indeed and now...............
I'm tired. (Too bad Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna and all you other pawdners don't live would SO be invited to my party!)


  1. Happy Birthday Apollo!
    We are both cancer!
    Big hug!

  2. i always believed: 'you musta been a beautiful baby, cos baby look at you now' and i see that is true. your baby pic is adorable. happy boifday from na na na na i am 8 already, so there!hope you got to eat the whole doggy birthday cake!

  3. happy birthday apollo - hope you got some FOOD for a present

  4. Happy Birthday Apollo. What fun to take a ride on your big day. I also hope you got a tasty treat for celebration of your birthday.

  5. Happy birthday and what an auspicious day to be born!!!

  6. Oh I forgot to say that I also have lots of memories of my father, and things we did talented he was for making that cake!

    Happy Birthday our doggy friend!

  7. So cute! Happy Birthday Fat Boy! - er, I mean Your Royal Heiness.