Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You!!!!!!!

These detailed little coloring books arrived recently from Artist Victoria O'Neill.....there is a little stack of them and they are simply amazing! If you have not checked her site - you should. Thank you so much Victoria!
The incredible Soulbrush sent me these awesome ATCs last week along with four inchies! I love the variety and color in them all. The lovely card they came in is her 'Table Mountain' print. Thanks so much Soul.....you're divine! All these miniatures are like gourmet art snacks, don't you think?
Wow, couldn't figure out why I had this one real sore spot on my back about the size of my hand.....then it hit me (fortunately very lightly). It is from the numerous pats on the back I received from all the supportive, encouraging comments left on the previous post concerning my participation in my very first art festival! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lastly, (whew) above is one of two zentangles that I completed while sitting at the festival last weekend. Yeah, the little blue spots to the right are where I accidentally made a mark on the paper...the wind was blowing. I'm thinking I may go back and do something there in black or just add some black. Till later everyone!


  1. Lucky you. The color book is great. I like your zen too despite the blue marks.

  2. Wow. Those coloring books are awesome. I will have to check them out. and So are Soulbrushes work.
    I thought you did the color on purpose on your Zentangle. Looks great. You deserved the pats on the back. Your work is really truly fabulous & should be recognized.

  3. don't you touch the blues, they make it! those were for 'pay it forward', now when are we gonna swap, you and me???

  4. cute coloring book pics.
    love souls work.
    great tangle...blue works for me.
    never tell it's a mistake.
    don't tell think it was meant to be.

  5. thanks for the coloring books shout out.....right now i'm creating a new (and bigger) coloring book on The Golden Rule. It's half done....keep those zentangles coming.....btw what size are they anyway?

  6. i like the little blue marks - I thought they were on purpose!

  7. all I can say is YUM!!!!!!
    It reminds me of a prissy little girly peacock.
    I LOVE IT!! what a gift you have.

  8. You DO have a way with those zentangles!
    And those "pats" are well deserved.
    By the way, the blue looks like it was meant to be-

  9. Love your zentangle, blue splashes and all.

    Such lovely things are coming your way. Congratulations.

  10. aren't you the lucky one?!! and the zen is fantastic!!