Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working BREAKING NEWS Away...

BREAKING NEWS: SHAMELESS, BURSTING OFFSPRING PRIDE BULLETIN! Just before going to bed last night, after speaking to BigBoy on the phone, he texted me saying that he forgot to tell me he was asked to design the cover for the college yearbook!!! Apparently someone had told the yearbook staff about him. This is the same university that just won the National Championship in college football.........University of Alabama- Roll Tide!!!!! How did you forget to tell your mother that on the phone!
Working away to get pieces ready by this Friday for the upcoming art exhibit. Both of these fill up an 8x10 space and are in ink. They will probably require my getting a special mat cut for them to be put into a 11x14 inch frame. This is due to the fact that they are on 9x12 paper but are too large for an 8x10 opening. The top one would fit an 8x10 opening but I want to leave a bit of a border around it. Neither is a very good photo......I did receive a brand new copier, scanner, printer from Mr. Unplugged at Christmas but must have him look at it again because I cannot get it to scan. The second zentangle was started in December, originally it was to be for someone else but, duh, I made the border larger than the 8x10 opening of the plexiglass type frame that I like to put these in, makes it look like it is floating. So, I started again on the one that was sold and decided that I would finish this one and frame it differently for the exhibit.
I was scheduled to work 5 hours yesterday but ended up working 8 so as to not leave a newly hired person there alone. I do not work again until Friday but my manager said I could have the day off if I needed it to get ready for the exhibit. While working, there are many periods of downtime where I am waiting for downloads on the computer to complete so I used the opportunity to make notes on all that is needed to be done this week. My big goal is to do 2 or 3 small paintings, one pencil drawing and perhaps a simple zentangle or two. There is one or two framing changes I am going to make, frame the latest work, price, name.....blah, blah, blah! Why am I here, typing you ask? Because I miss all of you....can't believe how it grinds my gears not to check in with you all! So......I will bid you goodbye for now and begin scanning the world for blogs!


  1. Congrats to the Chip off the old block. Busy busy.

  2. boy have you been busy! take a deep breath!!!

  3. Oh gosh! Everything sounds so exciting! I'm so happy for Big Boy! That is surely something to be proud of, and something to treasure for years to come.
    And you, my girl, are going to do fabulously at your art show, I just know it. These are wonderful works of art. You really have the patience for that intricate line work. I would think that would be something you could work on in your down time at your job. Glad everyting is coming up roses for you.
    Keep your fingers crossed re: Mass

  4. All great art and good news and just wow, good to see you.

    I love that zen on the side with the waves in it-pure creativity!

  5. wow.. you make my head spin on all you have to do before this weekend. I think you need to take off Friday. :)) congrats on Big Boy. I guess Art runs in your family.

  6. Really gr8 news!!! So much happening at your end.

    Best of Luck!

  7. aaaw best of luck and well done bb. just like your mom.