Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snowkids and Zentangle

Yes, we actually had a bit of snow last week, along with the subfreezing temps. Here are my two little offspring, able to stand that close without punching or aggravating......that is in many of the other photos I took.
Finished this commissioned zentangle just this morning. It had MANY requested personal elements to be included. Some of them you may recognize easily and some you may not. I learned that I cannot do this by putting down a "picture" then trying to work around it. Had to begin over again after learning this. I literally have to draw a big squiggle line, study it and add the elements to it. Kind of like the game my dad and I used to play with BigBoy when he was young, draw a line, then the next one has to add to it or make something out of it. My time is very short to get some additional pieces ready for my exhibit that begins next month. I have worked a bit on an ink piece that hopefully I will post later this week. Wanting to do a painting, pencil drawing and some simpler zentangles............


  1. beautiful kids!!!

    Wow, that zentangle is absolutely awesome!! I really enjoyed enlarging it and taking in all the details.

    Woooooo-hooooooo it's a beauty!!

  2. WOW. THAT IS AWESOME. You do these better then anyone I know. How you find the time is beyond me. I hope you get the rest done for your art show. Love the picture of your kids, but I hate to tell you this but they arent little anymore. :))

  3. see all the details.
    Wonderful work, I must say!
    They are your children, you don't look that ol! And that is indeed a compliment, Really!

  4. The final piece looks great!

    I hope to get a picture like that of my kids when they're bigger. Isn't that every parents dream? Kids getting along...

  5. little offspring is sweet:) thanks so much for sharing, happy wonderful faces!
    Yor Zentangle is really awesome, I like the way you describe how you are doing this spontaneously and also meditatively, as you bring in the elements while working on it. Great process. Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!! He is going to LOVE it! When can I come by and pick it up?

  7. You do such a fabulous job on these Zentangles! I looked closely at it to see all that was included. It reminds me of those games in the Highlights magazines, "Can you this picture?" I loved those. I presume you are staying busy.
    The kids look great.

  8. What a nice picture of your kids!
    And an awesome zentangle!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. what super kids and what a super zen and what a super mom.