Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This pencil drawing was the last one I did for the exhibit. It is a little larger than an 8x10. Mr. Unplugged hasn't checked the hook-up on my scanner yet, so my digital photos will have to do. Did this in a pretty big hurry, would probably change the composition of it if I could, say, move the "cropped area" over to the right, put the wooden post on the left side.....well, what ya gonna do? Wanted to show it to you framed.
Dropped off all the pieces to the gallery this afternoon after going into work for a few hours this morning. Mr. Unplugged went with me, he was my "art cabana boy", you might say! It was good for him to see the place and meet the owner, but, my gosh, it is literally like watching a bull in a china shop! Hey, he said so himself, felt that way! I was very tentative about how my framing and work would be received. That said, literally had tears well up when the owner kept going on about it. Relieved, humbled, giddy, tired, sad, wishing I could share it all with my dad. She said everything was priced too low.......Mr. U was giddy, maybe saw tears of joy...hahaha. May be getting studio space there!!!!!! The plan is to bring in BigBoy to share it with me since he will probably be starting his own graphic design business. Must turn in application, samples of my art, blah, blah, blah. Keep your fingers crossed that an opening comes soon!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch.......took VolleyGirl back to the Dr. yesterday with her foot because it has never completely stopped hurting and after a little romping in our massive three quarter of an inch snowfall the other week it has given her more pain and swelling. Today she wore her orthopaedic boot, and will continue to for the next four weeks.
Have not really done a thing tonight......caught up on some of your sites, a mini-crash I suppose but my mind has already been thinking of what to draw and paint next.


  1. Yayyyy rah. I like your drawing and the framing is just right. Best of luck with getting your space. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.

  2. Your framed piece looks beautiful! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the space. How exciting!

  3. Amazing work. Glad they saw that your work is worth more then you thought. We always under estimate our value. :) I hope it works out for you to have your own spot there. You deserve it. Your Dad would have been proud of you for sure.

  4. Nice job especially on all those folds. Congrats on the possible hanging space.

  5. Beautiful line work and a very powerful image.

  6. So nice to hear how it went. How is the show going now? I will keep my fingers crossed for the space!