Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H.A.W./C.O.W. .......ongoing

Dudley would have no part of cooperation with the photo taking process. Gotta love the cattitude!
Finished this in record time...not totally pleased with it, but considering I was using brand new pencils and working quickly, won't complain. Still not a scanned image, so it doesn't appear very crisp here. Also, painted the background again on an earlier painting, painted some on two 8x10s, found frames for two ink pieces last posted, purchased more pens, brush and a project board for VolleyGirl's science project. Gathered all my other pieces to see just what all I had....for certain! Heaven forbid should I forget washing a couple of loads of clothes! Tomorrow I will paint and go get mats cut for a couple of pieces. After looking over what I have, any new pieces I do should be colored pencil or graphite pencil. Enjoyed taking a little time this morning to check in on some of you too......oh yeah, chased the royal one a bit too!


  1. Can u pls do me a favour? Pls cast your vote in the address below for L'tl A's art, the number is 30.The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs

    You have to comment there specifying the number ie 30.

  2. Go Dudley! I'm behind on kitties are being anti-camera...

    great sketch too, just beautiful!

    HAW ~ COW 1

  3. HAW and HCOW. It is good that you can squeeze time in for some art.

  4. Why are you not happy with this drawing??? Its WONDERFUL.You have so much talent that its mind boggling. Be happy with your work!!! Your show is going to be smashing. :))

  5. You did this quickly? Wow. Awesome. and such a lovely cat even from this angle.

  6. That sketch is amazing! I love how you are able to do those folds and wrinkles. I really gotta practice more.
    And I just don't know HOW you have any time for art! Whew, girl. You wear me out!

  7. wow, look at all the beautiful work you've been doing!!!

    Dudley and my cat could be related (except Dudley is in good shape!)

    Thanks for finding time out of your busy schedule to come see me ;)


  8. Hi AU!

    What a great drawing! Your shading is wonderful.