Monday, January 25, 2010


Finished this pear painting late Saturday night. Both of these are acrylic on an 8x10 canvas board.
I literally just finished this apple, haven't even signed it yet. Brought them downstairs to show Mr. Unplugged who quickly declared that he liked the apple best. Taking up for the pear...I told him it wasn't the shiny type of pear, but the dull, matte ones and then in my true, insecure manner, asked was the pear good enough, that I don't know anything else to do to it, not going to touch it. They will both be framed in modern black matte frames.
Started a new 8x10 or larger pencil drawing yesterday while watching the two playoff games, told Mr. U that if the game wasn't close at half-time I would go upstairs to paint. I never did do that but am 3/4 finished with the drawing. Not sure if the composition/perspective or whatever works on it since it came from my head (always a huge risk!) Fruit isn't too much of a stretch from memory!
Made a few visits early this morning and left comments, hopefully I can later during a break again. Have a great Monday!


  1. Both paintings arte great!!!
    Love them!
    be careful not to want to much. Take care of yourself!

  2. I think both paintings are great. I thought the pear was a photo of a pear before I scanned down the post. I like the light in the apple too.

  3. I love both compositions a lot!!
    Sometimes my husband gets too picky with his critiques, especially the paintings that are very painterly. He expects photo realism which I don't like. If you want photo realism, take a photo!!

    I think these are wonderful ;)

  4. These are GREAT, T!! I really like the apple, but the pear is good, too. I love the idea of really close up. What next?

  5. I like both paintings. Very good.
    The frames will finish them beautifully. I do that too. Get that insecure question out there. arrgh. Then I dont like the answer.. LOL
    Hmmm my WV is 'berres'..Maybe you should do berrys. :))

  6. I like the clean, colorful, modern art look to these. Such yummy color!

  7. They are great, both, pear and apple. Wonderful! Congratulations for all the artwork you did here in such a short time! Wow. Great work; you go girl! as you Americans say:)
    Allez, bon courage!
    greetings from paris

  8. Hello there!
    long time...
    I liked the pear- until I saw the apple! Nice job on both.